Indoor Snowball Fight SNOWTIME ANYTIME 40 pk

Indoor Snowball Fight SNOWTIME ANYTIME 40 pk Is An Awesome Christmas Present For Kids

This is the cutest set of snowballs I have ever seen! We don’t live anywhere near the snow. My kids have always seen snow on the TV and wished that they could have a snowball fight. When it is Christmas time, the want for snow is real. My kids are always complaining that they never get to play with snow. Since the nearest snow is about a days drive away, it probably won’t happen anytime soon. However, I did the next best thing and purchased this. Santa is going to be delivering a snowball fight to my house this year, and I couldn’t be more excited for it!

Best Features

These snowballs are very cute. They look just like they were made out of real snow, but they won’t freeze your hands off. The material they are made from is very soft, and they are easy to throw. They are the perfect size to fit into small hands and they are easy to throw.

What’s Included

When you purchase this indoor snowball fight pack, you are getting a container with 40 snowballs in it.


These are the best balls for your kids to throw. They are soft, so they can’t break anything in the house. I have no problems with my kids throwing these around. They are very soft, and they don’t pick up a lot of dirt or anything like that. They really do feel like snow from the soft material they are made from. They are harder than cotton stuffed balls, and they feel like they will hold up well to a lot of wear and tear.


The only con to this purchase is that they expand once you take them out of the container. This isn’t a horrible thing, but you will need to find a new container to store them in once they come out of their container.

Final Verdict

If you have small kids who have never seen snow, this is the perfect gift. It is so easy and fun to make Christmas extra special for us who live down where snow is never seen. It makes a great Christmas gift, and it is also fun for the kids to receive this from Santa. It is a whimsical edition to the classic Christmas, and it shows that snow can be everywhere during Christmas time. Let your kids have a white Christmas this year with a fun snowball fight!


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