InterStar Rings Review

InterStar Rings sets encourage, inspire and helps children to develop their coordination and common sense skills.

As a parent you are faced with the challenge of encouraging speech development, communication and social skills to your son or daughter with a special need case. In order to overcome this kind of challenge, toy manufactures are making toys that will help the kid develop social skills, communication skills and even speech development.

Kids with special need cases have a right to also have fun by playing with toys just like other kids. Kids with special need cases may include those with Down syndrome, Cerebral palsy, juvenile arthritis, autism and sensory integration impairment. Most toy manufacturers are putting into consideration kids with special need cases when making toys. One of them is Edushape Baby that makes Interstar rings which are particularly helpful to kids with global development delay.

Below is a brief description of this toy with reference to kids with global development delay.

The Interstar rings are bought in a box that contain several rings with adjoining ends. It is for indoor playing. It also comes with special features that will greatly assist your young kid who require special needs. This will help him or her feel at par with other kids by having fun.

The Interstar rings have the following features:

  • Come in different designs that are very easy to manipulate and therefore the kid will not find it hard to work around with it
  • It has ridges with a texture that is appealing to both the young boy or girl’s touch and vision
  • It is very easy for the kids to connect the rings with little assistance from an adult as they are easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Contain no allergens hence a parent has no fear of the kid constantly putting the rings into their mouth
  • The rings are easy to clean after the kid has played all day with them.

The Interstar rings help the kids develop imagination whenever they combine the rings creating several different shapes. Because of the different colors on the rings, it can help kids to know different colors hence develop their vision.They are also important in developing social skills for the kid.As they play with other kids they get to know and get close to them. This greatly helps in improving relationship and interaction with other kids.

When considering its price, comparing it to ensuring that your son or daughter is having fun the price cannot be a factor of hindrance. The box containing this Interstar rings goes for only $20. The Interstar rings can be found in all toys stored like Walmart and Amazon kids stores.

Lastly precaution should be taken for the kids playing with Interstar rings and so it is very advisable for the parent to check their young one now and then. Kids are very fond of putting everything they come across into their mouth hence precaution should be taken as this toys may chock them if put in the mouth. It is my hope that the above information will be of help and that your child will learn and develop by use of this toy and feel special too.

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