Jaguar Sports Car 12V Electric Ride-On

Jaguar Sports Car 12V Electric Ride-On

The Jaguar Sports Car 12V Electric Ride-On Is A Beast For Kids

Every child at some point dreams of owning their first car, that is not only appealing but is fast and powerful as well. Introducing the Jaguar Sports Car 12V Electric Ride-On that not only comes with awe-inspiring exterior design, but it also comes with a host of several other features that make it an excellent addition for your kids unique playing needs.

To be specific, this excellent electric car provides unique looks that are reminiscent of the original vehicle and quite an affordable cost. This is because it comes with unique features such as an excellent body finish, reverse lights, MP3 player socket and a rechargeable battery amongst many other features.


Jaguar Sports Car 12V Electric Ride-On


Excellent exterior design

This particular sports vehicle for kids comes with an appealing design that is reminiscent to that of a real BMW Z4 car. From the excellent paint to the sleek curves and the outstanding interior design, this Electric Ride On is the ultimate solution for your kids. Aside from having an appealing exterior design, this BMW Z4 also provides the ultimate impact and scratch resistance to make it ideal for taking on the outdoors.

Works with remote control and is also self-driven

Moreover, this electric ride on BMW also works with remote controls as well. This allows for older users to experience the excellent functionality of this vehicle and also provides for an excellent security control mechanism for your toddlers. Besides that, the vehicle is also self-driven and comes with two paddles, one being the accelerator and the other being the brakes.

Robust battery and excellent acceleration

Further lending to the superior design features available on this BMW Z4 is the fact that it comes with a robust battery that can deliver well over 1.5 hours, which is sufficient play time for your kids unique driving needs. Additionally, this BMW Z4 can also provide excellent acceleration speeds of as much as 5km/h depending on the surface that it’s used upon


Jaguar Sports Car 12V Electric Ride-On


LED Headlights, backlights, and keyed ignition

This sit in electric vehicle also comes with a host of auxiliary features that make it an immersive experience for your kids. From the well-positioned LED headlights, backlights, and the keyed ignition, this BMW Z4 is simply a re-incarnation of the real BMW Z4. On top of that, it undoubtedly becomes the coolest and most coveted gadget for your kid`s unique playing needs.


– This Jaguar electric vehicle comes with an appealing design

– It provides optimal scratch and impact resistance

– It can handle up to 50pounds in weight and can accelerate to reach speeds of up 5km/h

– It comes with additional features such as headlights, keyed ignition and robust battery power

All things considered, when it comes to provide your children with the ideal tools for their play time needs, it’s important that you select some of the top rated models available on the consumer market. Therefore, this re-incarnation of the BMW Z4, otherwise known as the Jaguar 12V Electric Ride-On Sports Car, is the ultimate solution for your unique needs.

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