Jenga Classic Game

Jenga Classic Game is a pleasant and entertaining game for players age 8 to adult. Jenga couples a player’s natural skills and abilities, with a simple and engaging premise.

Classic jenga is a tower consisting of 54 hardwood blocks. The player is instructed to choose a block, remove it and place it on top of the tower. This classic game has a built-in snafu that is meant to challenge the players. The size of each block is basically uniform: .59″ x .98″ x 2.95 “.


However, the blocks are not perfectly sized, and have very slight variations. Players will notice that some blocks are smoother than others, others are rougher. These random alterations are designed to make it just a little bit harder to stack and balance the tower, testing your gaming skills to their limit. The game ends when the tower crashes to the table, or a piece(s) fall from the tower. The player who is declared winner, is the last player who removed and placed a block without incident.

The makers of Classic Jenga, Parker Brothers, claim that players will be able to test their physical and mental skills, as well as have an enjoyable time playing. Indeed, such is the case with Jenga.

This game looks suspiciously simple when set up. However, when the playing starts, the merriment begins as players test their eye/hand coordination while carefully choosing which blocks to remove. This is not as easy as it sounds, and players may feel a bit of tension when the tower wiggles ever so slightly, as they withdraw their block. This tension results in an increased level of concentration by the player, as they hope their block will not be the one to cause the tower to fall to the table.

If players are so inclined, they can also join many of the Classic Jenga Tournaments that occur each year throughout the country. For an added twist to the classic game, people write commands on each Jenga block. Whatever command is written on the block, must be obeyed when the player pulls it out of the tower.

Jenga is a multi generational game. The simple rules of the game ensure that children as young as 8 can play along side their grandparents. Many parents find this a valuable game for young children. Not only does it provide long hours of fun on a frosty snow day, but the child also learns the value of patience and concentration that is necessary when achieving a particular goal. So, not only is the child having fun with the game, but is also enjoying an educational experience as well.

This game is worth the price, providing a good return on your dollar. Classic Jenga games usually run under Fifteen dollars, and will provide years of gaming fun. The durable, hardwood pieces insure that your Classic Jenga game will have a long and productive gaming life. In short, Jenga provides the players long hours of choice fun, suspense, and thrills with a minimal initial investment.

Jenga delivers, and definitely lives up to the hype that surrounds it. Jenga provides an evening of exciting entertainment, suitable for the entire family. The game is sturdy, long-lasting, reasonably priced, and can easily be transported to family gatherings, picnics or group events. You can play it on your own, for a relaxing evening in front of the TV, or together with a crowd. All in all, Jenga is a simple game that delivers on what it promises: A good time, at a good price. I would give Classic Jenga a full 5 Star Rating.

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