Lamborghini Aventador Ride On Review

Lamborghini Aventador Ride-On Is An Awesome Car That Will Definitely Spark Your Kids Passion For Sports Cars, While Also Being Able To Control It Remotely Or Manually!


Lamborghini spells success for some people when they see or read about it. There is more than just looks. You have style but it’s one of the most expensive vehicles to have if you want one. In this case, it is a product made for the kids which is the Lamborghini Aventador Ride-On.



If you have a kid that is between the ages of 2 to 4, this would make them happy in comparison to the other vehicles that are out there for them. First of all, there is a real life engine sound that also includes an mp3 area for them to play music of their choice. Kids of all ages love to listen to music. This is a good way for them to start at an early age to appreciate music. The child must be up to 55 pounds to drive it. The child can control driving with the steering wheel and a pedal is attached to it but it comes with a remote control if a parent wants to take over driving.

With various colors to choose from, it would be great for both genders instead of just one which is the case for some vehicles to get for a child. Depending on the child’s personality, they might prefer one color over another so it’s best to know your child before you go shopping for one. You don’t want to return one for a different color that they prefer all because you made a mistake of getting the wrong color. Some may or may not be picky when it comes to colors. If you have a child like that, you saved yourself some money doing that. What matters most is seeing how happy your child will get when they see it. Driving with it would make them feel grown up but it is a great learning tool when it comes to taking care of a vehicle.



The Lamborghini prides itself on being driveable while kids have fun with it. Since they are between 2 to 4 years old, they are still young enough to get taught by you to become responsible with it by driving on safe areas to get on. The car is somewhat durable but make sure all the parts are still in place since kids around that age can be rough if it is a boy. Avoid letting them drive on rough areas to extend the life of it.


You have horn, seat belt, turn signal and front lights. The horn could be loud but warn others that may not like the sound of it especially during the morning time.



The price for a Lamborghini Aventador Ride-On is in the $200 price range. It is not cheap to have kids just to get it. It would be great to also name all of the parts of the vehicle which would educate the child at an early age about the parts just to prepare them ahead of time. If you want to get it, come get one.



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