LeapFrog Explorer Smart Globe Review

LeapFrog Explorer Smart Globe For many years, LeapFrog is a name considered to be one of the most reputable in the market for toys for kids

For many years, LeapFrog is a name considered to be one of the most reputable in the market for toys for kids. Among others, one of the most popular from their product line is the LeapFrog Explorer Smart Globe, which many people dub as the smartest globe in the world. This toy is perfect for kids who are aged 8 and above. This will help kids to learn geography in an engaging way. It is interactive and can be a source of significant knowledge, especially if used the right way.

Product Features

  • Interactive pen
  • Built-in headphone jack
  • Rotating globe and talking atlas
  • Dual language support (English and Spanish)
  • Six challenging games for up to four players
  • World clock to tell the time in any country in the world

Plus Points

  1. Learn about the World in an Entertaining Way: With the LeapFrog Explorer Smart Globe, geography lessons can be kid-friendly. Some of the things that kids can learn with the use of this toy include capital of different countries, population, currency, land area, highest point, and bodies of water, among others.
  2. Fun games to Play: There are also multi-player games that can be played with the use of this globe. You can select the number of players from one to four. There are also three different levels of difficulty: Tourist, Frequent Flier, and Globe Trotter. This is good to develop the competitive spirit of kids and show off what they know.
  3. Not Just for Kids: As an educational toy, this is a great way to encourage learning amongst kids. Nonetheless, this does not mean that it cannot be used by adults. Many users have used the globe to entertain their guests over dinner as they take the challenge to play a game of geography. Even adults will surely find this globe informative and entertaining.
  4. Easy Care and Maintenance: To keep this toy at its best, there is no special requirement for care and maintenance. Just have it regularly cleaned with a clean cloth and mild soap. When having it cleaned, never submerge the globe in water.

Things to Consider

  1. Sturdiness could have been Improved: Taking a look at the opinions that have been shared by its users in the past, it can be said that many were not happy with its durability. Although not really flimsy, they noted that durability could have been better, especially because it is a toy made for kids.
  2. Poor Customer Service: There are also many complaints with regards to disappointing customer service from the company. It would have been better if they have more knowledgeable and courteous staff to deal with the concerns of their customers.

Product Summary

In sum, while there are drawbacks, they are acceptable and the benefits still dominate. The LeapFrog Explorer Smart Globe is a must-have, not only for kids, but even for adults. This is an entertaining toy that is also informative in ways more than one. Given its expensive price, it can be considered as a worthy investment to teach your kids a thing or two about geography.

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