Lego Duplo Cargo Train Review

LEGO DUPLO Cargo Train Battery-Operated Building Blocks Set, Best Engineering and STEM Toy for Toddlers

Explore the creativity of your children today by buying them a Lego Duplo Cargo Train. Just as it is in many popular Lego figures, you get to build up structures with Lego pieces and come up with awesome structures and creations. The beauty and uniqueness of this product, however, is that it adds several other features such as lights a battery-operated building block sets, cargo wagons, harbor, café, and a boat. That is not all you playtime will also be cheered by Lego Characters playing the roles of a train driver, boat captain, and that of a shop owner.

Basic Engineering Skills

Apart from the fun that this product offers, it was also created to foster more knowledge for children especially in the field of engineering and generally STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). This product is carefully crafted in such a way that children, especially those that from the age of 3 and above, can easily control and have amazing fun using. Before you tear the wrap of this package, I will show you some of the things you should expect to see inside.

The items in this Lego Duplo Cargo Train product include:

  • up to 105 Lego pieces
  • 2 cranes
  • 24 track pieces
  • 2 live cargo wagons
  • harbor
  • boat
  • café
  • and an app you could use to extend its abilities.

All these items will create a lot of excitement and happiness within your children, as they will get to control the movement of the cargo train using a remote control and build up structures using the Legos. Note that it uses batteries and these you will have to buy after the power drains. It is worth the cost all the same.

Play and Learn STEM Education

After you have unwrapped the product, you need to know how to maximize its potentials, this you can do by using any of the following features:

  • The “Push and go motor” option, this way your child can easily push the train all around and feel the thrill or,
  • Add any of the Five Action bricks to make the train sound its horn, turn on or off its light, change its direction, etc.
  • You can also download the Lego app on your iOS or Android to explore more fun actions that this product has to offer.


This Lego Duplo Cargo Train is designed for children from the age of 3 and above. Its main purposes are to teach children the basics of engineering and STEM studies, build up their imaginative and creative skills, and afford them endless fun playing with three Lego characters.