LEGO Star Wars Rey 75113

LEGO Star Wars Rey 75113

LEGO Star Wars Rey 75113

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If you have a child who loves Star Wars, then you know you have a pretty cool child. As the cool parent you are, why wouldn’t you want to encourage the love of Star Wars from your child? The least you can do when the holidays roll around is to buy them their favorite Star Wars character. And let’s be honest, Rey is the coolest Star Wars character you can currently buy. The fact that this doll is made by Lego makes her that much cooler. I was pumped to find this action figure, because I knew my child would love it in their stockings. When I actually received the action figure, I was even more excited. The doll is very well made, and the outfit it comes with makes it look just like the movie. I highly recommend buying this Rey action figure for just $17.95.

LEGO Star Wars Rey 75113

Best Features

This Rey action figure stands at almost a foot tall. She is the perfect size to play with, and it it easy to use with other Lego sets. The doll comes with everything you need, and it looks like he just stepped off of her movie set. Your child will immediately know who this action figure is, and they will be very excited you got them a Rey doll.

LEGO Star Wars Rey 75113

What’s Included

Besides getting the really cool action figure of Rey,  you also get her outfit, her staff, and her pistol.

LEGO Star Wars Rey 75113


Rey is the coolest character on Star Wars and both your girls and boys will love playing with her. Don’t let your child have a mediocre version of Rey, get them the cool Lego versions! This is the only version of the doll that actually looks like her, and it easy to tell it is Rey. The outfit is perfect and you don’t have to worry about it coming off or breaking down or anything. There isn’t any tricky parts to put together, so this action figure is perfect for those who are hoping to get an easy gift.



The only downside about this action figure is the hair. It is not normal hair that girls may be used to playing with, but it still works. Looking for other LEGO items? click here.


Final Verdict

If you don’t buy this Rey doll, you will regret it! It is just $19.95, and it comes with everything you need to play. I started going crazy with all the toys we had with batteries in them, so this toy is perfect if you hate replacing those battery toys as well. You definitely will not regret purchasing this toy, and I believe your child will love it!

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