Little Live Pets – My Pet Pig: Piggly

Interactive toys come in all shapes and sizes, but when they come in the shape of an adorable pet pig, kids are sure to love it. This year’s cutest pet is Piggly from Little Live Pets.

Now kids can have all the fun of having their very own little animal that will engage with them. This one is nearly cuteness overload because it’s so adorable. Piggly has soft skin from head to toe that’s perfect for both play and cuddling.

Plus, she has floppy ears that jiggle whenever she moves. She also has a little curly tail that’s jiggly, too. The toy is so lifelike that it reacts like a real animal, which is one of the reasons why kids like to play with it.

When you put a hand in front of Piggly’s nose, her nose will move, and she’ll sniff at it. Plus, just like people can do, Piggly can also sneeze. Her cute little nose wiggles around and she makes oinking sounds, too.

She enjoys interacting and being pet during play time. She can make more than 25 sounds as well as movements that will delight kids. The toy has a total of two fun modes.

If you pat her on the back, she can start walking all by herself. When the toy is walking, there will be a trotting sound. In addition to walking, the pig can also dance. After a pat on the back in dance mode, the pig will dance using one of two songs.

To change modes, all kids have to do is press the button that’s on the toy’s collar. Piggly enjoys company and if time goes by and she’s not played with, she’ll try to draw attention by making whimpering like noises.

If someone doesn’t interact with her after that, she’ll stop whimpering and fall asleep, but will make snoring sounds. She comes with a walking leash but can walk without it being attached.

She also comes with a feeding bottle so that kids can feed her. When she is being fed, she’ll make sucking sounds and her nose will wiggle. She can also burp at times as well as let out a cute giggle.

If the toy ever gets dirty, it can easily be wiped clean. It comes with the walking leash, the feeding bottle and a handy operating guide. Piggly makes a great Christmas gift for kids who are four years old and over.

Kids will need to be careful not to touch the joint at the front legs when the pig is walking because it will mash their fingers. Batteries are needed to operate this toy.