Melissa & Doug Examine and Treat Vet Play Pet Set

Melissa & Doug Examine and Treat Vet Play Pet Set

Melissa and Doug toys have fast become one of the best brands for parents who like to buy their kids toys that teach a variety of things – from counting to reading, or in this case, nurturing.

The Melissa and Doug Examine and Treat Vet Play Pet Set is a great bundle of toys and accessories that allow your child to role play as an animal doctor. It comes with 24 pieces in all, including a soft, cuddly plush dog and cat.

For the veterinarian role, the set comes with a stethoscope to wear as well as accessories to treat the animals with, such as ointments, tweezers, a cast for a broken limb, clamp, ear scope, thermometer, syringe, and more.

There’s even a two-sided checklist your child can use to pretend he’s giving the pet a full checkup. If he finds a boo-boo, then he can use the included bandages and fix the animal right up before sending it on its way.

The Good Housekeeping Institute recognized this particular toy for its ability to help kids develop empathy as they nurture the plush pets back to good health. And with the fun accessory tote bag, your child can take this role playing with them wherever they go and make house calls as a pretend veterinarian.

It’s a toy that’s perfect for kids starting as young as three years old. But even those up to about 10 will enjoy playing with this bundle of fun pet accessories and animals, depending on the child.

If your child loves animals, or needs to develop some empathy skills, then the Melissa and Doug vet toy is the perfect match for them. You might even want to get it before bringing a real dog or cat into the family as a pet, to see how they treat one.

They can use the accessories, which also include bottles and a cone, to pretend like they’ve nursed a dog or cat back to good health from any trauma. They can give a simple checkup and vaccinate a pet after checking its vital signs, or soothe a wounded animal using the tubes of pretend treatments.

Although the toy comes with two plush animals, your child can use the kit on any of their stuffed animals – and those who already have a pet in the house might find their child using the accessories on the real pets, too! Just make sure you check to see if poor Fido has been treated with the cone of shame, so you can remove it quickly before he chews it up!