Mr. Sketch Scented Markers Review

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers Is An Awesome Gift, Each Colour Smells Different And Orange Smells like An Orange!


Creativity is one of the greatest gift for us to obtain especially when it comes and bite us for it at a moments notice. It is one of the most important element to have that would carry us throughout life. You can apply it in anything that you want which includes your personal and work life.


I would like to tell you about Mr. Stretch Scented Markers. Each color have a smell of its own such as orange as orange. Black for licorice. Red for cherry. As each color have a smell of its own, it is important to not let the marker go near anything that could ruin the materials.


You can use the Mr. Stretch Scented Markers on cardboards, construction paper or anything that the colors won’t bleed into other materials. Since there is a smell to each time you use them, kids of all ages would love to use for their art activities. Unlike other markers that are out now, this is one of the oldest products for people that’s been using markers for years. The smell is quite pleasant but remind kids to not put them close to their mouth despite the low amount of poison that may be present within the product.



It is a product for kids that are at least 8 years old. Kids at that age know to only use it for coloring or creating product which include markers. Our imagination can only take us so far and when you combine products like markers, color pencils and gel pens, you could do so much and add more “character” to it.


The various smells from different color add more to the art project than you think. You can add shapes, symbols or even a small picture to make things more interesting to what kids make. You can be there to support them with what they’re doing but with a lot of freedom to it, you’ll see how beautiful they create things. As adults, since we like certain smells from it, we can use them for our “creativity” projects as well. Work alongside them if you have the urge to use that during the time when creativity strikes at you.

There are all types of art projects you can use with the Mr. Stretch Scented Markers. There are cards such as birthdays, holidays or anniversary. Kids can make cards to give to you or other people whose days get brighten up by some child who thought of them with the cards.


Kids will take us back to the time when we were kids and the scented markers remind us of it too. Our childhood may be over but kids as the younger generation makes us proud to see them grow and become who they’re meant to be. When you encourage your kids to get creative in whatever they do and spend some time with them, they will remember all the times you spend with them while leaving behind your legacy as someone who loves them.



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