Ozobot Bit Coding Robot Review

Bit Is An Educational Robot For Ages 6 And Up. Kids Code Bit With Color Codes Made With Markers And Programming

Bit is a super cool coding robot that was manufactured by Ozobot Company especially for people within the age of 3 years and above. This is a great chance for you to teach your kids on the basics of coding and programming robots to do almost anything an ordinary human being can do. This product comes with two coding methods, these include the Activity Pack which has up to 20 color codes control and an Ozoblocking code editing app available on Android and computer devices. Bit is very portable and durable so you can use it anywhere and at any time.

Advanced Technology

The considerable advancement in technology in the world right now and the constant introduction of better ways of making human life easier has made the area of coding and programming very important and necessary for every person to know about. Bit Coding Robot by Ozobot Company offers a great chance for kids and adults to learn the basics of coding and programming.

Now to really enjoy using Bit you need to know its components and what it really has to offer.

The product package comes with:

  • a compact and durable bit robot
  • an activity pack that has up to 20 color codes
  • 4 color code markers that allows you to draw a pattern that Bit follows as soon as it detects it with its optical sensors
  • 2 skins character stickers with pop-outs
  • a starter guide
  • and a USB Charger that allows you to keep Bit alive

Start Coding your Robot

This robot is a masterpiece as it connects the science realm to that of art. Like I said earlier this product comes with a two-way coding system. The first method is that you can simply use the Activity Pack which comes with up to 20 color codes, this pack will simply teach you several basic coding and robotic concepts and allows you to use your imagination to create more.

The second method is a more advanced one and it allows you to program and code Bit Robot using the OzoBlocking app on a Tablet or Computer. This is how it works, you will do the coding on your Tablet or Computer, after you will place Bit on the screen to load the data. It will then act out your command. This challenges your imagination and have fun at the same time



Bit Robot from Ozobot comes with a two-way basic coding method. This gives you an opportunity to learn the basic acts of programming and coding. Although you will have to pay for upgrades, you will find the cost worthy when you start using it.