Nintendo Switch Review

Nintendo Switch Is Designed To Go Wherever You Do, Transforming From Home Console To Portable System In A Snap

Are you looking to buy a new gaming console?


This guide lists one of the best gaming consoles, highlights its features, pros & cons, and more! Basically, all the info you need to make an educated purchase.

Consider these 3 things as you shop:

  1. Games you want to play

Say you’re a fan of soccer. Will the console have enough soccer titles? And how much will the games cost?

  1. Your budget

Costs don’t stop after getting the hardware. You need games, subscriptions, and accessories.

  1. Is the console portable?

Forget playing an Xbox One or PS4 Pro in a subway, or during lunch breaks at school. But with a Nintendo or PS Vita you get portability.

Nintendo Switch

Imagine two systems in one! A home console you can hook up to your TV screen, and a portable gaming console you can bring anywhere you go.

That’s what the Nintendo Switch is all about.

You get two main parts: a docking station and a 6.2-inch screen console with two Joy-con controllers that slide on and off.

So, when you’re home, you simply remove the Joy-con controllers, slide the console in the docking station, and hook it to your TV screen via a HDMI cable.

On the go, you lift the console from the docking station, and don’t worry if you were in the middle of a fight or a race, there is a perfect transition. So, no interruptions!

And if you meet someone up for a multiplayer challenge, you flip the stand at the back of the screen, give them a controller and start battling.

It gets even better! If some of your friends have Switch gaming consoles, you can link up to 8 systems at once, team up and play on the same TV screen. With online games also available, there are so many ways to have fun!

Also, six hours of gameplay on a full-charge is big plus. But some graphic intensive games like The Legend of Zelda, will drain the battery in 3 hours. But, many users extend the battery life by also getting a USB-C power bank.


  • Well-made and sturdy
  • High-quality games
  • Growing game library with famous games like DOOM, FIFA 19
  • Doesn’t get hot
  • Controllers can vibrate
  • Affordable 12 months Switch membership


  • Low internal storage 32GB with about 25GB usable (So consider buying a memory card. Amazingly, the console has an expandable memory of up to 2TB)

Now, can’t you argue with 77% out of 4,682 reviewers who gave the Nintendo Switch a 5-star rating on Amazon? Neither can I!