Sewing School: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make Review

Kids can sew too! This inspiring guide includes 21 fun sewing projects for children ages 5 and up. With easy-to-follow illustrated instructions and cut-out patterns

Sewing School is here again with up to 21 unique projects and patterns for your children to try out and learn. Some of the designs you will get to try out include sewing of colorful pillows, potholders, blankets, doll clothes, etc. This guide is so comprehensive that you will not need to exact much supervision on your children before they get to use it. Another added advantage is that you will not necessarily need to use a sewing machine to do some of the projects, you could start up with needle and threads.

Explore your Fashion Sense

Fashion designing is one of the most lucrative businesses you can ever find in the world as we speak, this is due to that fact that everybody wants to look good and appear appealing. Due to the promising nature of this fashion business, you should ensure your children acquire the skill by buying this sewing project book for them. It comes with up to 21 different projects for which there is a step to step guide on how to make them.

Some of the basic sewing styles you will learn to include basic stitches, knots, needle threading, etc. Apart from learning these basics that only require the use of crude tools such as a needle, thread, scissors, tape rule, etc. you will also find some more complex sections termed “Note for Grown-Ups.” These grown-up sections require a little more expertise and in some cases, the use of a sewing machine.

The advanced sewing methods is a form of encouragement for children that there is no limit to what they can do if they can maximize their imagination.

Sew the Best Dress

For the basics, you can try out the pincushion, duster, doll clothes, etc. Simplified examples of these are available in this book, and as a matter of fact, the texts are perfect for children in grade 3, and up to 5 so you will get to see a lot of exciting pictures and colors.

Also, watch out for the “Resource Guide” and the “Sewing School Dictionary” that are in this book. The challenge, however, is that librarians may find it difficult to bind and keep the ebook in one place. It is, however, a perfect gift for creative children to learn to sew at home.


This book was produced to teach people between the age 5 and above the basics of sewing. It comes in colorful and exciting texts that foster easy comprehension. You will get to learn up to 21 sewing projects. Get a better look by clicking here