Playskool’s Elefun & Friends Shapes ‘n Colors Turtle Review

The Educational Playskool’s Elefun & Friends Shapes ‘n Colors Turtle For Toddlers!


When it comes to choosing the toys that children are going to love as much as parents, a particular deal must be struck. While the toy will need to be durable and fun for the child in question, there is also often a preference by parents that the toy not include beeping or sing-song components. Simply due to the consistency which with a baby might find joy in a particular beep or electronic sound, adults with a shorter penchant for patience may find that consistency taxing. Rest assured then, parents, that Playskool’s Elefun & Friends Shapes ‘n Colors Turtle is not one of those toys.


Brightly colored and with a penchant for music that is less than irritating, parents are sure to find this addition to Playskool’s children’s toy collection sufferable. The wobbles and bobbles assured by this toy and the squeals of glee from the child recipient of Playskool’s Elefun & Friends Shapes ‘n Colors Turtle will surely be enough to allow for some coping with regards to that electronic turtle music.

Perfect for children ages 6 months and older, the turtle has staying power even without the batteries that are required for those bright lights and sing-song music. That means that if the noise does become too much, the remedy is easy, and the toy is sure to still be fun!


Of course, using the batteries that bring Playskool’s Elefun & Friends Shapes ‘n Colors Turtle to life will create a much more interactive experience for baby. With a shell that glows and interacts with baby around colors and shapes as well as music, this turtle is sure to become your infant’s best friend, and you may well learn to love him too as a parent. Keeping your child entertained for hours while also teaching your child? That sounds like the best toy available in the marketplace today! See what all the hub-bub is about and get your young thing prepared for preschool all during play time.

Even stimulating your baby with a base that wobbles, the interactive nature of this toy means that baby will be able to engage actively while playing, exploring the shapes and colors that the shell educates with The music that will delight your little one is also sure to put a smile on her face, even if it makes her parents crave drives in the car with the radio on loud. Being a parent, however, means sacrificing that which you want for the good of your child, and Playskool’s Elefun & Friends Shapes ‘n Colors Turtle is definitely going to benefit your littlest tot!

See for yourself why Playskool’s Elefun & Friends Shapes ‘n Colors Turtle is flying off the shelves at retail stores, and filling up online shopping carts the world over. Every parent wants their child to have the best possible start in life, and this toy is one such good start! Let your little one have fun while they are growing and learning – this turtle is a fantastic place to start!



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