Quadcopter Drone with FPV Camera Live Video

Quadcopter Drone with FPV Camera Live Video

here is a direct link to the Quadcopter Drone with FPV Camera Live Video video

Is there anything better than flying a drone? I’m going to answer that for you, no there is not. Flying drones is so much fun. It makes for a really cool experience for friends and family, and I never thought I would be a drone lover, but here I am. This drone has made me fall in love with the sport of drone flying, and I don’t plan on ever looking back. if you want a great drone, you have to get this one. For under $150, you are getting a very high quality and powerful drone that can do anything you need it to do. Whether you want to race, take photos for a special event, or just enjoy it on a daily basis, this drone is going to fit your needs.

Best Features

This Quadcopter Drone with FPV Camera Live Video has headless mode, which is something you must have for a drone. It allows your to fly in any direction. The altitude hold is really nice for taking photos, and it makes everything more stable. It connects to your smart phone so you can see where you are flying and what you are taking photo or video of. They make extra parts to buy incase something goes wrong, and you can even use your phone to steer it in gravity mode. Here are some more features:


  • 6-axis gyro based on 4 channels to ensure a stable and fast flight
  • Left hand control(MODE2) , ideal for pilots of all skill levels
  • One button take-off and land function makes it easy to control especially for beginners.
  • One key 360°4-way flip and continuous roll for perfect action and performance
  • 3 speeds for pilots of all levels.
  • Higher speed increases stability in windy conditions.
  • Equipped with LED Navigation lights and remote-control indicator light for night flights.
  • Gravity sensor mode allows the user to control the flight by holding and moving the smart phone accordingly.
  • Track-controlled mode allows the drone to fly in autopilot following a predetermined flight path drawn on the smart phone screen.

What’s Included:

  • 1 x FQ770 Quadcopter with Camera
  • 1 x Transmitter Remote Control(4 x AA batteries needed, not included)
  • 1 x Mobile Bracket:5.5 – 12.8cm
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 2 x Spare Blades(A/B)
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x User Manual


This Quadcopter drone comes with everything you need, and it as good customer service for if something goes wrong. I felt good about buying from this company because they seemed much more legit than the other companies I had looked at. The drone flies very well, and the pictures I have taken are stunning. I am definitely a beginner, but I love it so far.


At $126, it is on the higher end of drones, but I think it is by far worth it.


Final Verdict

Although this drone is a bit pricey, i highly recommend it for anyone looking for a quality drone. It comes with everything you could possibly want in a drone.