Shopkins Tall Mall Review

Want to go to the mall? It is right at home. Moose Toys presents the Shopkins Tall Mall. Perfect gift for girls who love shopping!

Want to go to the mall? It is right at home. Moose Toys presents the Shopkins Tall Mall. It goes from small to tall. It is a mall for the Shopkins characters that can rise to three levels or fold up to store and take the mall along with you. It is a pretty, colorful mall when expanded to its three levels.

The first level is a Home and Garden floor for the fruit and vegetable characters. The second level is a food court where a child might put the sweet treats, bakery items, dairy or party food characters. The third and top level is a “Petkins Parlor” for the pet characters to play while their “owners” shop. Also, there is an elevator to take the characters from floor to floor. The elevator works when you take the clips off. There is also a slide for extra fun, and even shopping bags. Included is the tall mall, four unique Shopkins characters, carrying handle and an instruction booklet. The dimensions are 13 inches long, 32 inches wide, and 31.5 inches high.

A good thing about the Tall Mall is that it can be used for play or you can close the clear plastic door to store the Shopkins creatures. it has a handle so that it can be carried from place to place. It can be used as a display for whichever characters a child has. You can push down to make the mall small so it can be carried. There is a storage case and four unique Shopkins characters that cannot be found anywhere else.

This playset makes it fun to clean up when playtime is over. Just position the characters wherever you want and close the plastic door. The mall is made of durable plastic so it will not be destroyed easily. It not only provides the child with more ways to play with the characters in a new setting, it also is great because it contains the many characters so that they are not scattered.

Parents will be happy that there are no batteries required so they don’t have to worry abut keeping batteries on hand. With the handle, children can probably carry it themselves since it only weighs four pounds, and the attractive style is something that they will be excited about. It is an affordable way to store Shopkins that parents and children will both appreciate.

One buyer did report that the door handles come off easily, but most customers seemed happy with all aspects of the product.

This product is recommended for children over the age of 5, as Shopkins are very small and can be a choking hazard to young children. Otherwise, there seem to be no problems with the Tall Mall.

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