SISIGAD Hoverboard

Once again this year, the hoverboard will make the list of most wanted gift items. Since their invention, the popularity of these gifts has never waned. Kids like hoverboards because they can zip along for the ride with less effort than skateboarding and the speed of the device mimics flying.

It’s no wonder it’s still a gift most often asked for year after year. Thanks to all the innovative safety features as well as entertainment features on the SISIGAD model, the hoverboard is going to be a big hit with recipients.

This model is one of the coolest ones around thanks in part to the LED lights which make it light up well in the dark. The side lights are one of the features that kids really like.

It has 300 watt motors, which means good power as well as the ability to move pretty fast. You can quickly recharge the device and it has a long lasting use time. How long it’ll last will depend on whether or not it’s fully charged when you start using it.

At speeds of 9 mph, the device is faster than many other hoverboards on the market but it’s not so fast that you’ll feel like you can’t hang on. This means that even beginner riders will have an easier time learning to balance while the hoverboard is moving.

However, it can be operated at a slower speed for those who are new to hoverboarding.

This device comes Bluetooth enabled, which opens up a lot of entertainment options while kids are playing.

With the built-in wireless speaker, you can set it up so that it’s synced with whatever portable device your child prefers. He can listen to his favorite music from his phone directly to the Bluetooth or he can listen to a show or whatever without the need for earbuds.

The device has 6.5 high quality rubber tires, which helps users be able to better maintain their balance. Parents love the safety on this hoverboard because it meets UL2272 standard.

What that means is that the toy’s electrical and mechanical construction received recognition in the form of a certificate because the components were tested and found to have met the safety standards.

The maximum weight limit for the hoverboard is 260 pounds. It can be used outside as well as inside. But if you use it outside, you’ll want to be careful with the type of surface it’s used on.

In the event of inclement weather, you won’t want to use the device outside because rain can damage the device and cause it to stop working. If you’re giving this as a gift for a child, you may also want to consider purchasing a helmet for use with the hoverboard.