Star Wars Episode 7 Pop! Kylo Ren Review

Star Wars Episode 7 Pop! Kylo Ren Bobble Head For Ages 8-12 And Star Wars Enthusiast’s Collections!


Do you feel it? The Force Awakens with the latest collection of the popular FunKo Pop Vinyl dolls, this time in a brand new Star Wars Episode: 7 The Force Awakens collection. The Kylo Ren figure of the masked villain is hooded and wielding his cross section lightsaber.


Product Information


• Recommended Ages = 8 – 15
• Total Pieces = 2


Product Features


1 3.5 inch mini figures which include:
• 1 Figure


Plus Points


1. The FunKo Pop! collection of figures are essentially bobble heads. The oversized heads are placed onto the bodies with springs, so any movement around the figure does cause the head to slightly bobble. It is not as exaggerated as a traditional bobble head, but that is more or less what the figure is.

2. There are no moveable parts on the figure, and while the recommended ages are between 8 and 12, younger children can play with the toy. These figures are seen more as action figure collectables than true toys due to the lack of movement, but this just makes it an excellent addition to both toy fan and Star Wars enthusiast’s collections.


Things To Consider


1. There are two Kylo Ren Star Wars Pop! figures. There is this figure, which features a hooded Kylo Ren. However, Pop! likes to offer special exclusive figures through different retailers. There is a figure available at Target which is more or less the same, only the figure is not hooded and the full helmet is displayed. For collectors looking for both, this is important to consider. However, for shoppers looking just for one, it is important to keep in mind the slight difference (even though it might not be instantly apparent, especially when stored in the boxed packaging).

2. The figure can come free of the base. There are indentations on the feet and the plastic base pushes right into it. These Pop! figures are designed specifically for display purposes and to give a unique take on the standard action figure. Due to this, for someone looking to purchase their child a toy, they might want to go with one of the action figures with movable arms and weapons. For the collector though, this is a nice addition to have.


Product Summary

Kylo Ren appears to be taking up the calling of Darth Vader. While not a true Sith Lord, Kylo is part of a group called the Knights of Ren. This group searches out the teachings of the Sith order and do what they can to obtain lost artifacts of these individuals. The Ren in his name is not a surname, but it reflects his membership in the Knights of Ren, like the Darth title does for true lords of the Sith. As an individual who wants to finish what Darth Vader started in the original Star Wars trilogy, Kylo is one of the few figures in the entire galaxy who knows about the force, the dark side and the Jedi.

Funko has been producing different Star Wars dolls for several years now. Each figure is numbered so it is easy to follow. The company is now in the 70s with the latest Star Wars Episode 7 figures. Kylo Ren is part of the first wave of figures and is a must for any collector. It looks excellent out of the package, sitting on its plastic “Star Wars” stand, or it looks just as good in the box. The perfect addition to any collector’s display, the Pop! Kylo Ren vinyl figure is sure to be a crowd favorite.



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