Tap N Toddle Elephant Review

Tap N Toddle Elephant Is An Educational Toy To Teach Your Children Basic Life Skills From A Very Young Age!


When your child has already learned awareness of themselves and is mature enough to accept the rules you have taught them, they can feel the emotions such as guilt, shame, and pride. Now is the time to teach them cause and effect. You know the one that says every action has a reaction. If you step there, you’ll fall, or if you hit your sister, you will receive a punishment, examples of cause and effect. Too bad that the teenagers and some of the older adults never learned this and can’t take the basic lack of recognition and responsibility for their actions in the world.

The TOMY Company has always been dedicated to inspiring children and offering toys that empower kids to use their imagination and develop motor skills as they play. This TOMY toy is a great example of how they help teach your child about cause and effect which is a big lesson in life. Each TOMY toy is designed by the play patterns and developmental milestones of the child while adding the unique imagination of the child so they can continue to be entertained. The TOMY toys are innovative toys that encourage children to engage in hours of play.

The TOMY Tap N Toddle elephant is an innovative toy that encourages the child to chase and crawl after him. This toy has several different tunes that can sooth and entertain the child. It is perfect for a boy or girl 6 months or older with its multi-colors to attract their attention.

There are two modes providing an educational focus of coordination and movement for the development of your child. The first mode is the boomerang effect where you tap on the head of the elephant causing it to twirl about vigorously and then it returns to the starting point, teaching the child that by repeating the action of tapping on the head elicits this joyous response from the elephant. The very young child will spend time giggling and repeating this action. The second mode will encourage the baby to chase after the elephant as the toy scoots away from the child. Your baby will quickly learn to crawl along after the elephant building muscle and coordination skills along the way.

While the child is developing these new skills they will be entertained as the elephant will toddle around as you tap on his head or clap and he will Toddle around to the music.

While playing with the TOMY Tap N Toddle elephant your child will not only be entertained for hours but will quickly develop excellent motor skills and build their muscles as they crawl along, chase and imitate the elephant. This toy will last for several years as your child develops and grows. You can purchase this toy at most retail shops and if you shop close enough you can get a very good sale price. With Christmas coming this would make an excellent gift for a baby, maybe the boss’s baby that you really don’t know yet. You won’t go wrong with this one.


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