The Top 10 Best Current Marvel Toys

The Top 10 Best Current Marvel Toys

Marvel and DC are both working hard to produce some amazing cinematic universes right now. The plots and characters of their films are all deeply interconnected, resulting in an enormous universe that is highly addictive to watch. Maybe you have kids and they’re huge fans of the Marvel universe. Or maybe you’ve always been a fan and a figurine collector, and you’re wondering about what merchandise you can get from the latest characters. Well we’ve had a look and found the top ten best toys from the Marvel franchises.

Funko POP! Marvel: Dancing Groot Bobble Action Figure

Funko POP make some adorable little figurines, and baby Groot is one of the most adorable modern Marvel characters. Therefore, it makes sense that a Funko POP baby Groot action figurine would be the cutest. This little bobble head is just perfect!

Marvel Spider-Man Titan Hero Series Spider-Man Figure

With a body and articulations based on traditional action figures, this twelve inch Spider Man action figure is a great addition to toy baskets and collectors shelves everywhere. There is some nice detail to it, especially on his suit, and it is robust enough for playing.

Marvel Titan Hero Series Hulk

From the same series we also have Hulk. This is another twelve inch figurine with the basic traditional-style articulations. The detail on the face is pretty amazing, and he’d look great on a shelf. But he is also solid and durable enough for action games.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Moon Knight Action Figure (Build Vulture’s Flight Gear), 6 Inches

This is a smaller action figure, but it comes with some extremely amazing detailing. It features serious articulation, with every joint being naturally moveable. The outfit itself is well made. And the weapons and accessories are also detailed and well-crafted, ready for play.

LEGO Juniors Spider-Man Hideout 10687 Toy, Marvel Legends

For kids (or adults) who want to create a more immersive game, you can get the Lego kit for Spider Man’s hideout. It features the hideout itself, a helicopter, a quad bike, the green goblin, spider man, and the green goblin’s pumpkin shooter and spider man’s web. It’s great for immersive play.

LEGO Super Heroes Captain America Jet Pursuit 76076 Building Kit (160 Pieces)

If you’re more of an Avengers fan, then this may be the right Lego kit for you and your family. It is a more complicated kit, allowing you to build Captain America’s jet, complete with sweep back wings, disc shooters, and a cockpit. The kit comes with three minifigures: Captain America, Ms Marvel, and Super-Adaptoid.


Marvel Thor Legends Series 6-inch Nine Realms Warriors (Marvel’s Ares)

If you’re a big fan of Thor, this six inch figure is an amazing addition to any collection, for playing or displaying. Featuring natural joint articulation, amazingly detailed costume, and accessories inspired by Thor’s comic book weapons, this figurine is thrilling.

Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet

Why play Iron Man when you can be Iron Man? This electronic helmet helps your teenager or yourself to live the dream. The eyes light up with LEDs, it features bold film-based sound effects, and the faceplate detaches, just like the real one!

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Milano vs. The Abilisk 76081 Superhero Toy

If you’re all about recreating epic battles, then this Lego kit is a must-have toy. It features the powerful Milano, with room for all four mini figures which the kit includes, two shooters, and a bomb drop, as well as the Abilisk, whose tentacles move and jaw opens.

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy 6-inch Legends Series Star-Lord

This six inch Star Lord figurine features realistic joints and a naturally painted face to match the film. He comes with both his blasters and a mask, all of which have exquisite detailing as well. He is robust enough for play or display.

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