The Top 10 Best Current Toy Cars And Trucks

The Top 10 Best Current Toy Cars And Trucks

Toy cars are a perennial children’s’ favorite. From when they can first push a little toy car along as babies, to their late teens or even adulthood when they enjoy playing with remote control cars, these toys seem to be perfect for all age groups. But naturally there are different toy cars available for different age groups, interests, and educational goals. Getting the right toy at the right time is key to making sure the toy is used and enjoyed, that you get plenty of use out of it before your child hits their next milestone and moves on, and that you aren’t getting them something too simple or too complicated, which could be harmful to them in the long run. So how is a parent to know which toy car will be best suited to their child at this point in time? We have reviewed the top ten best current toy cars and trucks, so you can shop confidently, knowing that you’re getting the right thing for your child.

VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck

Best age range:  6-36 months old.

Not suitable for: Infants under 6 months, as they will not have the strength to play with it. Children over 5 years as they will get bored with it.

This truck lets kids play at counting and learn colors, as well as develop their motor skills with its many moving parts.

Pull Back Vehicles,12 Pack Assorted Construction Vehicles and Raced Car Toy,Yeonha Toys Vehicles Truck Mini Car Toy For Kids Toddlers Boys,Pull Back And Go Car Toy Play Set

Best age range: 3 and up.

Not suitable for: Children under three years, due to small parts.

These pull and go vehicles are a lovely range of different designs with many fun moving parts, and a simple pull back function to make them run.

Hot Wheels Exclusive Decoration Gift Pack, 9-Piece

Best age range: 3 and up.

Not suitable for: Children under three years, due to small parts.

Hot Wheels are a classic toy car brand, and this pack comes with some amazingly unique traditional and modern racing car designs that any car-loving child is sure to enjoy.

O Ball 1-Piece Rattle & Roll Car, Assorted Colors

Best age range: 0-2 years old.

Not suitable for: After 2 years your child may not have fun with these any more.

These fantastic baby-safe toy cars have rattles in every wheel, for visual and auditory stimulation, are lightweight and safe to handle, as well as graspable.

Matchbox X7111 9-Car Gift Pack (Styles May Vary)

Best age range: 3 and up.

Not suitable for: Children under three years, due to small parts.

These vehicles come in a crazy variety of different cars, trucks, and working vehicles, from road rollers to police cars. Great for any young budding vehicle enthusiast.

Tonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck Vehicle

Best age range: Children aged 2-6 years will get the most fun and use out of this vehicle.

Not suitable for: May not be much fun for children outside that age range.

Tonka trucks are a well-made, fun range of vehicles that are perfect for the mental and motor development of older toddlers and young children.

JellyDog Inertia Toy Early Engineering Vehicles Friction Powered Kids Dumper,Bulldozers,Forklift,Tank Truck,Asphalt Car and Excavator 6 Set Toy for Children Kids Boys and Girls

Best age range: 6-12 year olds who are into construction vehicles.

Not suitable for: Children under three years, due to small parts.

This selection of three inch vehicles includes a dump truck, bulldozers, a forklift, a tank, an asphalt layer, and a digger, perfect for kids who love to dig and build.

Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies All About Working

Best age range: 1.5-5 years old.

Not suitable for: Older kids who may find them boring.

This selection of four small toy cars illustrates the vehicles used by four different workers: fireman, two builders, and a farmer.

Toysmith 5020 Monster Bus, 5-In-1

Best age range: Ages five through twelve.

Not suitable for: Children under the age of five, due to small parts and moving parts.

This cross between a school bus and a monster truck is sure to entertain your child with its oversized wheels and cool design.

WolVol (Set of 3) Push and Go Friction Powered Car Toys for Boys – Street Sweeper Truck, Cement Mixer Truck, Harvester Toy Truck (Cars Have Automatic Functions)

Best age range: 1.5 years and up.

Not suitable for: Children under a year old, due to weight, and children over five, as they may find them boring.

This trio of working vehicles includes a street sweeper, a mixing truck, and a harvesting tractor. All of them have a push and go function.

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