The Top 10 Best Disney Toys

The Top 10 Best Disney Toys

Disney films just seem to be getting better and better and both kids and nostalgic adults are loving them. Whether you are getting into the latest big thing, your kid won’t stop talking about their favorite characters, or you’re still a big fan of old Disney films, there is a chance you want some Disney toys. Fortunately, there are Disney toys for all the family to enjoy.

Disney Moana’s Magical Seashell Necklace

For the big sister. Moana is a really big thing among kids of all ages right now. Your older girl can immerse herself in the world of the film by wearing Moana’s magical necklace, which is designed to light up and glow. This is a perfect toy for dressup, fantasy, and make believe games.

Disney Moana Adventure Doll – 14 Inches

For the middle sister. The middle sister is often left out, but with Moana to keep her company, she will be going on ocean adventures all day and night. This friendly, posable doll can be dressed up and used for playing games, on your own or with other children. Your middle girl will love it.

Disney Pua Plush – Disney Moana – Small – 9 1/2 Inch

For the little sister. Plush toys are a big favorite of young girls everywhere. And Pua is the cutest, cuddliest little pig ever to exist! This Pua plush is super detailed, sticking to the film’s original design, very soft, and just perfect for a little girl who wants a cuddly pig of her own after seeing the film.

The First Years Disney Baby Bath Squirt Toys, The Little Mermaid

For the baby sister. The Little Mermaid is a classic film, but babies don’t particularly care for trends. Parents will enjoy these nostalgic little bath squirters, and your baby girl will have an absolute blast playing with Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder at bath time. These toys are perfect for little hands.

Disney Moana Girls Adventure Outfit, Age: 3+, Size: 4 – 6x

For all the girls. Playing dressup is a game which many children take incredibly seriously. If your girls absolutely love Moana and want to play at being her, they will probably adore being able to dress up like her as well. Whether for a party or just for playing, this will be great fun for all girls.

Disney Advanced Talking Buzz Lightyear Action Figure 12″ (Official Disney Product)

For the big brother. Older boys will remember growing up watching Toy Story and wanting their very own Buzz Lightyear. Well, now they can have one, complete with all the features from the film – minus the coming alive part. Let him relive his favorite film with his favourite character.

LEGO l Disney Moana Moana’s Island Adventure 41149 Disney Princess Toy

For the middle brother. Moana isn’t just for the girls. Many boys are loving the Moana phenomenon too, and your inquisitive, but still playful middle boy will love recreating the Moana story with this Lego island. Between building and playing, he will definitely be kept very busy for many hours.

Disney’s Moana Maui’s Magical Fish Hook

For the little brother. Again: not just girls like Moana, and not just girls like to dress up. Your little boy may be incredibly excited about Maui, and want to act out scenes from the film, or dress as Maui for a party. This fish hook makes it possible for your little man to be a demigod for a day.

The First Years Disney Baby Shoot and Store, Mickey Mouse

For the baby brother. If your baby boy needs entertaining at bath time, this might just be the perfect solution. This adorable Mickey Mouse themed basketball game will make sure your baby stays in the bath long enough to be washed. It will also help him develop his hand-eye coordination.

Disney Pixar Cars 3 Travel Time Mack Playset

For all the boys. I’m pretty sure all your boys were obsessed with Cars, and may still be. A great addition to any Cars collection is this travelling vehicle, based off the character from Cars 3. There could be hours of fun for all your boys, setting him up and transporting the other characters in him.

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