The Top 10 DC Comics Toys For Older Kids And Teens

The Top 10 DC Comics Toys For Older Kids And Teens

A lot of kids are really into comics and comic book characters. This is even more common now that amazing films are being released featuring these characters. Which means there is a lot of available merchandise for every film franchise. And this can be great, but it is often hard to shop for a specific age range, especially for preteens, tweens, and teens. This is because there are many fun toys for younger kids and babies, and many elaborate collector’s items for adults, but the kids in between often get missed out. They want something elaborate and creative to collect… but also something they can play with in their spare time. These are 10 great DC Comics Toys for kids in that age range.

DC Comics Multiverse Suicide Squad The Joker Figure

If you have a teen you have probably not stopped hearing about Suicide Squad. This true-to-movie figurine of the Joker includes all the features of the character’s latest incarnation, including the tattoos. It is fully articulated and fully posable, meaning great fun can be had playing with it. We would recommend adding a Batman figurine and starting a fight! Older kids may enjoy just displaying this figurine.

Funko POP Movies DC Wonder Woman Movie Wonder Woman Action Figure

Funko POP make some amazing figurines and this is no exception. The nuances and detail in this figure are beautiful. It is not intended for full play, as it is more of a collectable and does not pose. That said, responsible children will enjoy playing with her.

Funko POP! Movies: DC Justice League – The Flash Toy Figure

Another Funko POP figurine, this one features The Flash. This figurine is more of a collectable as well, but looks great as a feature in any room, and will withstand some light play or fanart creation, as teens sometimes do.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman and Superman Figure 2-pack

If after Batman V Superman you have someone at home who is equally into both of them, this is a good buy. These figures follow a traditional action figure model and their designs are based off the film. They are durable and ready for play, and, having both characters, kids can recreate scenes from the film.

DC Comics Multiverse Justice League Batman Tact Suit Figure, 6″

For complete possibility and incredible attention to detail, you can’t fault this figure. It is based off the justice league design, and therefore features his upgraded tact suit. The figure is fully posable, so kids can play with it if they want to. That said, it still makes an amazing display piece.

DC Comics Multiverse Justice League Superman Action Figure, 6″

Another solo figure with amazing details and full possibility. The textures and detailing is amazing, and the posable features mean this figure can be played with by younger kids or posed by older kids. Again, it makes an amazing display piece as well as action toy.

DC Comics Multiverse Suicide Squad Deadshot Figure 6″

If you’re looking for a detailed figurine for a slightly edgier teen, this may be a better purchase. Another fully posable figurine with amazing detail from the Suicide Squad film.

LEGO Super Heroes Batman: Gotham City Cycle Chase 76053

For kids who want to engage in more detailed play, Lego is a great bet. Some more Suicide Squad inspired works, this Lego set features Batman, Harley Quinn, and Deadshot, along with bikes and weapons, for an active game.

LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Dorm 41235 DC Collectible

This toy is a great Lego option for fans of Wonder Woman. It includes her dorm, some orange kryptonite, and a figurine or the heroine herself. There are plenty of options for creating storylines.

DC Wonder Woman Battle-Ready Doll, 12″

If you have a kid who was inspired by how strong Wonder Woman is, this may be a good figurine for them. She comes with her lasso and her battlefield armor, and is fully posable. The face is detailed, to match Gal Gadot in the film.

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