The Top 10 Paw Patrol Toys For Big Fans

The Top 10 Paw Patrol Toys For Big Fans

If you have a toddler or child, you have probably heard of Paw Patrol by now. Paw Patrol is an amazingly fun series which most small children absolutely adore, featuring a young boy and six dogs who go out and save the day whenever there is trouble. The characters represent actual emergency services, too, so your children are learning valuable lessons about how our society works, what jobs are done to keep everyone safe, how to apply logic to dangerous situations, and trusting others. If you want to encourage and foster these lessons, here are ten Paw Patrol toys so your child can re-enact the stories and relive the lessons they have learned.

Paw Patrol – Paw Patroller

This is a nice, large model of the Paw Patroller vehicle. It is the ultimate rescue vehicle, fitting three of the six vehicles for transport, and displaying them all when you open it. You get Ryder, the boy, and his ATV vehicle along with the set.

Paw Patrol Chase’s Spy Cruiser, Vehicle and Figure (works with Paw Patroller)

Chase is Paw Patrol’s law enforcement pup. He comes with a spy cruiser vehicle, all ready to save the day. This set does not require batteries, and is fully compatible with the Paw Patroller vehicle. Chase can ride his spy cruiser.

Paw Patrol Marshall’s Fire Fightin’ Truck/Rescue Marshall (works with Paw Patroller)(Packaging Title Varies)

Another figurine and vehicle for your Paw Patroller missions. Marshall the Dalmatian is an eager firedog, ready to help put out any fires and save the day. He can ride in his fire fightin’ truck, which fits perfectly in your Paw Patroller. No batteries are required.

Paw Patrol – Skye’s High Flyin’ Copter (works with Paw Patroller)

Skye, the girl of the team, takes to the air in her awesome helicopter. Skye comes with her goggles and parachute, ready for action. The propeller on her helicopter spins as it rolls along or is moved through the air. No batteries are needed, and her copter fits in the Paw Patroller.

Paw Patrol Super Pup Rubble’s Crane, Vehicle and Figure (works with Paw Patroller)

Rubble the bulldog is ready to help, with his multi-purpose digging machine. It includes a crane at one end and a digger at the other, perfect for lifting rubble and debris. Rubble can sit in it and pilot it. No batteries are required, and it fits in the Paw Patroller.

Paw Patrol Nickelodeon Zuma’s Hovercraft

Got trouble on the water? Zuma is here to help with his hovercraft! The wind-up propellers really spin, so he can fly at top speed to wherever he is needed. Zuma fits in his hovercraft, which can also be transported in the Paw Patroller vehicle. Batteries are not needed.

Paw Patrol – Rocky’s Recycling Truck

Rocky is always there at the end of the day to make sure nothing goes to waste. Whether something has fallen down and needs recovering, or someone needs some sheet metal from his collection, Rocky is there to lend a paw. He fits in his truck, which can also fit in the Paw Patroller. No batteries required.

Nickelodeon, Paw Patrol – Ryder’s Rescue ATV, Vehicle and Figure (works with Paw Patroller)

And where would the pups be without their amazingly organized leader? Ryder and his ATV are essential to completing the mission, and the ATV can fit in the Paw Patroller too.

Paw Patrol, Lights and Sounds Air Patroller Plane

Another reasonably large model, this air patroller plane switches back and forth from helicopter to plane, making it a great two in one for rescue missions. It lights up and plays realistic sounds. It comes with a Robopup figurine so that all your missions have a safe and smart pilot.

Paw Patrol Mission Paw – Mission Cruiser – Robo Dog and Vehicle

Or if ground missions are more your style, you could get the mission cruiser along with Robo Dog to pilot it. It has room for three small vehicles or figurines, for plenty of rescue fun.

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