The Top Ten Best Doll Houses For Children Of All Ages

The Top Ten Best Doll Houses For Children Of All Ages

Children of all ages and both sexes love playing make believe. And one of the best props for make believe is a doll house. Doll houses expand the limits of a child’s games by shrinking the fun down, turning the house into a city or a jungle, and the doll’s house into a normal-sized home for normal-sized people. This change in perspective lets children explore the meanings of social cues, develop their own interests and conversational abilities, and act out scenarios which they are not ready to actually live, such as their first arguments with close friends or the struggles of having a pet. This role play is essential to children developing their social skills and cognitive abilities, so getting a doll house can really help your child to become more adjusted to the world we live in. But which doll house is best suited to your home and family? We have found the top ten, and looked into what makes them so popular.

Calico Critter Cozy Cottage

This cute little animal themed cottage is the starter set for the collection. The cottage is already assembled and furnished, with two rooms and 15 accessories to play with. The Calico Critter characters promote family values and creativity in young children.

Melissa & Doug Take-Along Wooden Doorbell Dollhouse – Doorbell Sounds, Keys, 4 Poseable Wooden Dolls

Melissa& Doug make some beautiful wooden children’s toys and this is no exception. This little wooden house can be carried anywhere thanks to its convenient handle. It has four doors, four doorbells, four locks, and four little characters, so your child can play with their own tiny doll community.

Happy Places Shopkins Happy Home

If you have a child who is into collecting Shopkins and you want to turn it into productive playtime, this house is a great accessory. It comes with Popette, who can play with all the shopkins characters and use them to arrange her home. Your children will be imagining new Shopkins stories every day.

Fisher-Price Loving Family Dollhouse

This large dollhouse features a stylish and cute front and an open back, like a traditional dollhouse. The rooms are spacious for the dolls to enjoy, and include some furnishings and a flip out swing set. The house comes with the family, but you can always add more characters and more furniture.

Calego Classic Doll House

This doll house is perfect for a variety of kids’ dolls, especially those brands without their own doll houses. The furnishings are painted inside the house, in the traditional doll house style. It is completely collapsible, so that it can be stored when not in use, which is convenient with such a big house.

KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture

This adorable three story cottage combines traditional painted furnishings with seventeen physical furniture items, perfect for dolls to play with. It is big enough for children to play in it together, provided they have enough dolls to go around.

Boley Pretend Play Doll House Toy – 21-piece collapsible dollhouse, a perfect girls toy with kitchen accessories and more!

A more modern design, this house can be folded in half to make it look like a normal little house, or opened out to play in. The doors and windows open and close, and there are nice details all around the exterior. The house includes 21 pieces, counting furnishings, accessories, and a family with a pet. This is a great room accessory as well as toy.

KidKraft Belle Enchanted Dollhouse

If your child was enchanted by this classic animated film, then this enormous mansion dollhouse may be just right for them. Based on the scenes from the film, it includes plenty of details and features, as it comes fully furnished and even with some identifiable characters!

KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

If you have the space for a truly gargantuan dollhouse, this will make your child’s dreams come true. It is a solid wood house, making it durable and great for many kids to play together. It features 8 rooms and 34 items of furniture. It even has its own elevator.

Barbie Dreamhouse

Every little girl’s dream, the Barbie dreamhouse is the perfect place for Barbie dolls to meet, relax, and play together. If your child has an extensive Barbie collection, then this may be the best doll house for her, as it is made to the right size with all the best features.

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