The Top Ten Best Electronic Pets For Kids

The Top Ten Best Electronic Pets For Kids

Most kids love animals. And many kids want a pet of their own to love and to care for. But as a parent it can be a tough decision to bring a new life into the family. Especially with the risks of allergies, injuries from rough housing, and the very real possibility that the pet will be neglected by older children, or indeed become the parents’ pet from day one when the younger children are unable to look after it. What is more, many homes can’t have pets due to time constraints, limited space, or restrictive rental policies. A great solution for these situations is to get your children an electronic pet. There are the ten best modern electronic pets. As technology changes and shifts so fast, some may become outdated in a couple of years. But right now these are at the cutting edge of what electronic pets are all about.

Hatchimals Glittering Garden – Hatching Egg and Interactive Sparkly Penguala by Spin Master

Hatchimals are the latest big thing in electronic pets. They require care and nurturing to persuade them to hatch. There are two species: Pengualas and Draggles. These Pengualas come in a sparkly egg. Your child must teach their pet how to walk, talk, and play.

Hatchimals Glittering Garden – Hatching Egg – Interactive Creature – Shimmering Draggle by Spin Master

These are Draggles, another type of hatchimal. Your child can interact with their hatchimals even inside the egg, tapping and talking to them.

Hatchimals – CollEGGtibles – 4-Pack + Bonus (Styles & Colors May Vary) by Spin Master

If your child is hatchimal obsessed, but you don’t want to keep buying electronic pets after the first few, this mini range of teeny tiny hatchimals might be right for them. These 70+ little critters are from a range of different families and great for playing together with.

Talking Hamster Repeats What You Say Electronic Pet Talking Plush Buddy Mouse for Kids, 3 x 5.7 inches

If your child wants a teeny tiny adorable pocket toy, this is a great space saving pet. It records and repeats everything your child says, and physically reacts to touch as well.

FurReal Friends Bootsie

FurReal Friends are a perfect range for kids that want real pets. Bootsie acts just like a real cat, loves cuddling, and looks adorable.

FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon

If your child is more a fantasy fan, FurReal Friends also make this adorable dragon, who looks like a dragon, acts like a puppy, and even toasts his own toy marshmallow.

Electronic Pet Dog. Harry responds to touch with fun puppy activities, chasing, songs, and dog sounds.

This tiny robotic dog is a great size for small flats. He walks, barks, and makes other playful dog sounds. He responds to touch, and has a bump and go feature so he will not get stuck at walls or in corners. He can sing and dance.

Hi-Tech Wireless Remote Control Robot Interactive Puppy Dog For Kids, Children,Girls, Boys (White)

This intelligent robot dog is called Dada. Dada is remote controllable, can sing and dance, crawl, and make silly sounds. He comes with a learning mode, playing the alphabet.

Paw Patrol, Zoomer Marshall, Interactive Pup with Missions, Sounds and Phrases, by Spin Master

If your kid is a huge Paw Patrol fan they will be delighted to find out that they can own their very own Marshall. Zoomer makes this robot that says over 150 Paw Patrol quotes and sounds. He even has missions programmed in.

Zoomer Kitty – Pink Bella With Kitty Collar

If your child is more into cats than dogs, Bella the kitty is a great Zoomer robot. She plays like a real cat and is fully rechargeable.

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