Thunder Stompers

 Thunder Stompers are 12-inch stuffed dinosaur toys that make roaring and stomping sounds when you stomp their oversized feet.

Snap Global Solutions have, since 1999, been designing, sourcing, and manufacturing for some of the largest entertainment brands in the world. From Disney to DreamWorks, and from Hasbro to Pixar. They have now released their own brand in Snap Toys, foremost among which is the Thunder Stompers.


These are cartoon like representations of dinosaurs which have their own sound effects like growing, roaring and most notably a thunderous stomping sound which comes from their oversize feet when you hit a surface with them.

Intended for playpals up to 5 years old, these super plush toys are eminently cuddleable and also rugged enough to take some punishment.

There are four to collect, Flash, Mash, Slash and and Crash.

Flash is a luminous yellow and green Corythosaurus, a duckbilled Dinosaur of the Cretaceous, Mash is a mauve Apatosaurus, actually a quadrupedal jurassic dweller with a long tapering whip like tail, Slash is an incredibly bright red T-Rex, apex predator of the Cretaceous, and Crash is a deep blue Triceratops, herbivore of the Maastrichtian.


They are all about twelve inches in size and with some cool details on their facial features with some slightly menacing expressions on their faces, but it is all in keeping with the force and power that Dinosaurs are popular for, reflected in the growling and roaring sounds that emanate from the body.

Slamming down the toy on a surface such as the floor is something a child would do naturally and to have the payoff of a thundering sound effect is a really fun experience. Whether they would have come up with the stomping sound without the movie Jurassic Park is another matter.


Thunder Stompers are suited to some rough and tumble play but the plushness of the fabric exterior ensures that, when it is time for bed, the toy can be cuddled up to by the child without the roaring and stomping.

Altogether a beautifully simple toy that any child will instantly “get”, even without the sound effects. You won’t get complaints from the neighbours about the noise though: the level of sound is not a problem.

The love of children for dinosaurs together with the interactive element of the toy will ensure that any of the Thunder Stompers will get years of use from the child that has the good luck to have one. Each individual Thunder Stomper has to be bought separately though you are virtually bound to end up with all four, such is the appeal of the full set.


They are a great tool for young children to learn about natural history and evolution from a young age. With the Dinosaur toy being such a crowded market place the stomping sounds really set Thunder Stompers apart from its competitors.

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