Timeless Toys

Timeless Toys That Have Been Popular For Decades!

Most toys barely last five years in the market, before being replaced by others. This is because some are tied to the release of popular movies, TV shows, and video games, hence when a new one is released new toys are made. There are some toys, however, that are considered timeless, as they are as popular today as they were decades ago. These are toys that have never gone out of style, and are still very popular among children, just as they were among the older generation years ago.

Most of the traditional, but still popular, games do not restrict a child into one method of playing. Most encourage creativity and exploration, encouraging children to play with them in whichever way that suits their imagination. They encourage them to have fun, experiment and learn at the same time.

Board Games

In as much as computer games are the in-thing among today’s kids, board games are still very popular. Game night, a tradition for most families even in the past, is still popular, with marathon board game sessions. The advantage of board games is that parents can play with their children for some fun family time, and are also able to monitor the games that children play. Most board games need serious concentration and critical thinking, thereby improving the kid’s thinking skills. Board games make for some good distraction, as you can leave your kids playing for hours without the need for constant attention and checking upon. Aside from teaching them the basic rules of each game (and letting them break some and come up with new ones), there’s nothing much that a parent is needed to do, apart from probably solve the occasional dispute. In as much as most have been made into electronic games for portable devices such as mobile phones, the traditional board game will always remain a classic.

Board games vary in difficulty levels, from pretty simple ones to advanced ones that may be difficult to younger children. They also are not suitable for the very young children, as they may swallow the smaller pieces, and will not understand how to play the game. Board games are a good way to your children occupied indoors (though you can still use them outdoors), and it is easy to clean up after the play session. They are best suited for those that are in playgroup or have started school.

Building Blocks

Building blocks have been popular among children from time immemorial. They are among the most popular toys because they encourage creativity among children. There are so many types of building blocks that can be used to build anything a child can imagine, from a simple cube to a complicated skyscraper or a car. Some of the more advanced building blocks even let you build life-sized models of various objects, including some movie characters. Your kids can build life-sized robots that are operated by remote controls. The blocks are of different shapes and colors, including wheels, thereby letting children duplicate pretty much anything, including figures of people and phones. Today’s building blocks are far from the simple ones used years ago to build simple shapes. They are filled with unlimited potential and can be used to build complicated structures such as pyramids, houses, and many other objects. There are practically no limits to what children can do with building blocks; they just have to use their imagination to build pretty much anything they can think of. Some building blocks come in basic shapes and blocks with no direction on what the child will build, instead letting them decide what to build. Others are themed and have pieces that are used to build a figure from the specific theme, though this shouldn’t deter a child from coming up with their own figure from the same blocks. They do not limit a child’s imaginations as there are endless possibilities of figures they can build.

Building blocks are majorly plastic, and they usually come with a plastic bucket for easy storage. They can be used by children of any age due to their ease of use, though toddlers should be watched carefully as they can swallow the smaller pieces. Older children can be left unsupervised though, as the blocks are enough to keep them occupied for hours, building one object after the other. The more complicated or themed the building blocks are, the more expensive they are, but they are worth the investment.

Modeling Clay

Modeling clay has always been popular with children, especially younger ones. Just like building blocks, it encourages creativity as a child can model anything they can think of. There is no limit to their imagination; there are endless possibilities for what they can make using the modeling clay. It is a handy tool that is easily portable to be used anywhere, though it may involve some cleanup if it sticks to the floor or walls or any other surface. Modeling clay comes in tubs and also small 1-ounce sticks that can be carried everywhere to keep the children entertained. Once you buy the clay, your child can mold anything they want, and if they are tired, they simply destroy it and model another figure. Modeling clay has no parts that you need to take care of; you don’t need to replace anything unless the clay itself gets lost. Today’s modeling clay includes sets of themed toys, including firehouses and ice cream trucks. Kids are encouraged to add their own personalized touches to these toys using the modeling clay, therefore encouraging their creativity even more.

The good thing about modeling clay is that as a parent you can make your own instead of buying (there are many DIY tutorials and how to do this.) It is a win-win situation as, you can involve your children in making it (keeping them busy for a while), and they can choose the colors they want for their modeling clay.

Dolls, Doll Houses, and Action Figures

Dolls have always been popular among children, especially girls. Dolls have always been a classic toy that never goes out of style. Over the years many different types of dolls have been made, with different features and accessories, and of different sizes. Small or big, with long or short hair, dolls are still among the best-selling toys. Originally, dolls mostly had one set of clothes (the one worn), but today’s dolls have so many accessories. From several sets of clothes and a mobile phone to make up kits, handbags, and jewelry, dolls are the quintessential girls’ toy. They can play dress up with the doll, changing its outfits to suit different occasions, styling the hair and generally playing with the doll. Some children are even known to refuse to go to bed unless they have their favorite doll in their arms. Most children give their dolls names and often address them as human beings when playing with them. There are several doll series, where you can buy the entire series at once, or buy each doll separately to add to your collection.

Doll houses have increasingly become popular, with parents buying them for their children as part of a doll set. They can in different sizes and colors, and give children a place to call home for their dolls. Some are simple, while other doll houses are more complex with multiple floors and movable parts. There are generic doll houses, character-themes houses, and rook add-ons to expand an existing doll house. There are plastic and wooden doll houses; you choose the one that works best for your child. Doll house furniture and accessories are also sold to accessorize doll houses and to make the fantasy play experience even better for your child. The furniture may be themed, such as beach or movie night furniture, or it may be generic furniture that can be used in any doll house. Some doll houses are large (the height of a child) while others are miniature.

Action figures are also a common type of doll for children. These collectible figures come in different sizes and are often a series, where the child collects each action figure in the particular series. Nowadays, most action figures are themed, with some modeled after popular movies, TV shows, and video games. Some are robotic and are operated by remote controls. Some have movable parts, while others do not have any part that can move.

Dolls, doll houses, and action figures are enough to keep your child occupied for hours as they play on their own or with their friends. They are not limited to a certain age and can be enjoyed by children at any age.

Stuffed Toys

These have been a favorite of many a child since time immemorial, and the passage of time hasn’t diminished their importance to children all over the world. From stuffed dolls to stuffed animals, these are loved by children worldwide. They are easy to play with, though they may need some cleaning if dirt, food, or drinks spill on them. Many parents pass on their stuffed toys to their children, as they are very durable. They can be used for years without any damage. Most children usually name their stuffed toys, and some share their beds with their favorite stuffed doll or animal. A child does not need any supervision when playing with a stuffed toy, apart from the occasional check, because they are pretty harmless.

Pretend Play Toys

These are toys that children can use to mimic adult activities. Such toys have been around for a long time, with recent ones being improvements of the older pretend play toys. The pretend play toy sets in the past may not have had all the accessories in today’s toys, but they still were popular among children that time, allowing them to become anything they want, from chefs to doctors. They include animal and people play sets, cleaning and laundry toys, dress-up sets, food and kitchen sets, role play sets, tools and workbenches sets, hair styling and makeup sets, among others. You can also buy separate accessories to replace any lost ones, though at times they may not be of the same brand. There are so many different types of pretend play toys; you just have to choose the one that your child loves. Most toy sets are usually plastic, though some are made of other materials such as wood. Some, such as the hairstyling and makeup sets, may be small in size, while others, such as most kitchen sets, are much bigger, with some being a meter or taller. For children that love dressing up, you could buy them dress-up sets, where they get to dress up dolls in different outfits. Some dress-up sets have accessories, such as wings, that your child can use.

Pretend play toy sets are mostly for older children since they are the ones that know how to use them well and would appreciate the toys more. The advantage of these toys is that they need adult minimum adult supervision. Once a child knows how to use the toys they can play in their fantasy world for hours on end without needing any break. There are no limits to the child’s imaginations, they can be what they want for hours, and when tired of that they simply switch to another set. Most pretend play toy sets are expensive though, but they are worth it.

Ride On Toys

Ride on toys have been in existence for decades, with each year bringing an improvement in the toys. From the rudimentary toys that children (or their parents) built themselves in the past, to the motorized, electric, and battery-controlled ones in today’s world, ride on toys are bound to bring out a smile in each child. There are so many types, from bicycles, tricycles, and quad bikes to cars and carriages. These toys are life-sized and come in sizes, depending on the size and age of the child. The cars can either be one seater or two seater cars (the two seater option is good for those with more than one child). These ride on cars are usually made to resemble different types of real life cars, from sedans and sports cars to trucks and SUVs, and a child can choose their favorite car. Most have batteries, though some are remote controlled, and a child can control the car and drive it in whichever direction they want.

Bicycles, the well-loved toy used by children and adults alike, have been around since time immemorial. Today’s bicycles are fancier than those in the past, but they are still as loved. Younger children who still don’t know how to balance on a bicycle can use a tricycle, while a quad bike can be used by anyone. These can be used with minimum adult supervision if used by older children in a place that is not crowded, though adult supervision is needed if they are used in public and crowded spaces. Parents are not limited to these only; there are kid motorcycles that come in generic form, or themed (such as a police motorbike), are designed to be safe for use by children, as they are battery-powered.

Ride on toys require adult supervision, especially when ridden in public spaces such as parks, to avoid accidents and injuries.

Remote Controlled Toys

These are toys that are largely controlled by remotes and can be used by children at any age, as long as they know how to operate the remote. From the rudimentary remote controlled toys in the past that were mostly cars with simple remotes to the more advanced vehicles with remotes that have more functions that are available today, these toys have always been a big hit with children. In the past, most of such toys were only cars, but today there is such a wide range of toys to choose from. From cars, motorcycles, helicopters, and airplanes to drones and boats, there is something to accommodate every child’s taste. Some of them are in series, and you can buy your child each toy in the specific series one by one to add to their collection so that with time they have the entire line of toys.

The more advanced toys are good for older children and can keep them occupied for hours without the need for constant attention. The toys that fly, such as drones, helicopters, and airplanes may need open space in order to be used well and are therefore best used outdoors. This also minimizes the risk of them destroying objects such as light bulbs and ceiling fans.

Toy Cars

While most toy cars nowadays are remote controlled, the older ones that have to be controlled by hand are still available in shops. These are more suitable for younger children and are enough to keep them busy for hours as you as a parent catch up with work. The current toy cars are more advanced and have way more features than toy cars in the past, and they are loved just as much. Some cars have doors that open, others have adjustable side mirrors, while police-themed toy cars are usually customized to include police car lights and sirens. Most cars are motorized with batteries that enable them to move on their own, while others have to be entirely operated by hand to move.

These are some of the popular and well-loved toys that have stood the test of time, and are still as appropriate today as they were decades ago. With such toys, a parent can pass down his favorite ones to his children, and they will still find it fun to play with them. While some, such as stuffed toys can be used by children of any age, some, such as pretend play toys, are bought according to the age of the child. Some may need minimum adult supervision, while others require constant supervision. As a parent, these are toys that you should get your child, as they will use them for a long time without outgrowing them.

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