The Top Nine Best Water Guns For Kids

The Top Nine Best Water Guns For Kids

Nothing goes together better than a warm day and playing in the water. Kids especially love being able to splash around as much as possible, both for cooling off and goofing around. And if you don’t have access to a body of water, the next best thing is water fights, with water balloons and, obviously, water guns. But some water guns are not child friendly, and others don’t carry enough water for a fun afternoon, or won’t fire the water far enough to keep kids entertained. So which one should we go for? We’ve researched and reviewed the top ten best water guns for kids, and these are definitely the best ones around.

HIG water gun for kids Soaker Squirt Games

This economical water gun has a quick fire trigger which sends water flying a long distance with a light press. The plastic is eco-friendly. The bold colors are cool and have a sci-fi effect.

Nerf Super Soaker Scatterblast Blaster

This cool toy gun will send water up to 34 feet away and comes equipped with a sight, for accurate targeting. It carries 22 fluid ounces and has the capacity to deliver 5 strong streams in one go. It features Nerf’s trademark orange color and a great design.

EXSPORT 2 Pack Water Gun Super Blaster Water Squirt Gun for Kids, Great Toy for Soaker Squirt Games Hot Summer Water Games

Great value if you have more than one child, you will get two different colored water guns so your children can play together. It is made of safe, environmentally friendly plastic. It is designed to be quick and easy to refill, and is suitable for younger children from three years up.

Stream Machine TL-600 Water Launcher (colors may vary)

This original design of water gun launches a much thicker, higher pressure, faster stream of water than many water guns. It is designed to completely drench your friends. It is best suited for pool play, or if you have a bucket of water for quick reloads, due to its syringe design.

Nerf Super Soaker Zipfire Blaster

This blaster handgun carries a surprising three ounces of water which it can fire 20 feet, making it a great concealed weapon in water gun warfare.

GLOUE Squirt Guns for kids Soaker water gun Games,Kidgun,Summer children gifts,supers soak for perfect childhood.

This great gun has an amazing sci fi look and also holds three ounces of water. It is another fun concealed weapon for using against friends and siblings.

EXSPORT Foam Dart Gun with 2000PCS Water Polymer Balls and 6 PCS Soft EVA Bomb for Kids Hand Gun Toy

This original water gun is not a traditional water pistol. Rather, it fires expanded water beads, for colorful water fun and a soft round which is a great alternative to BB rounds for parents concerned about safety.

Nerf Super Soaker Freezefire Blaster

This Nerf water pistol is compatible with ice for a really cold blast. Just add ice to the water compartment and enjoy the chilled stream of water. The pump builds enough pressure to fire up to 38 feet away.

HIG Water Gun Super Soaker Blaster for Kids Squirt Games

This super soaker carries a huge amount of water which it can fire up to 33 feet away, for extended play time and firing long streams of water.

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