The Top Nine Fidget Spinner Designs

The Top Nine Fidget Spinner Designs For Kids And Adults, Helps Relieve Stress And Anxiety

You’ve seen them everywhere, heard the controversies about them in classrooms, the theories about their uses for people with various conditions, and now you’re being asked to get one. But finding the right fidget spinner for your kid isn’t as simple as hunting down the cheap dollar store ones with three arms and bright red plastic. Fidget spinners are a whole wider industry now, with countless amazing designs. So whether your kid is trying them out as a focus tool, getting one for fun, or a collector of them, it pays to know about the amazing designs that are available. These are our top ten favorite original fidget spinner designs.

STRESS SPINNER Fidget Finger Dice Anti-Stress Release Toys for Children Adults

This amazingly colored fidget spinner features a graffiti-paint design and seven arms, all connected, a bit like a spinning top. The ball bearings are arranged alongside dot patterns to create a stylish look. The center bearing is durable ceramic.

Fidget Spinner SAMSHAO 2017 Newest Rainbow Colorful Tri-Spinner Finger Toy High Speed Stainless Bearing Fidget EDC Up To 6 mins(Only For SAMSHAO Company)

This three armed fidget spinner is iridescent and metallic, shining in multiple bright colors. It is finger-safe and safe for children, as it is smooth and fits your hand shape perfectly.

Mermaker Best FIDGET Spinner Toy for relieving ADHD, Anxiety, Boredom EDC Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy Smooth Surface Finish Ultra Durable Non-3D printed

This three armed fidget spinner features pointed arms split down the middle and an iridescent coating. It is a striking and original design made our of durable alloy.

ATESSON Fidget Spinner Toy Ultra Durable Stainless Steel Bearing High Speed 3-4 Min Spins Precision Metal Hand Spinner EDC, ADHD Focus Anxiety Stress Relief Boredom Killing Time Toys

This high-speed spinner is made out of solid copper and brass alloy for durability. The bearings are solid stainless steel, resulting in a good, noiseless spin, and improved durability.

Maeffort Hand Spinner, Tri Fidget Spinner Rainbow Colorful Stress Reducer Toy High Speed Low-noise for Kids and Adults, Single/both Hands Stress Toys For ADD,ADHD,Anxiety,Autism,Boredom

This three-armed fidget spinner is iridescent, made of strong alloy, and balances perfectly. It can be dismantled for cleaning and repairs, making it last longer. It produces little noise and spins fast with even a slight tap.

Fidget Spinner, Hand Spinner EDC Toy Tri-Spinner Ultra Durable Bearing Non-3D printed Fidget Focus Novelty Toy by JoJoMooN

This more traditional design of three armed fidget spinner is made of more durable materials than the ones you see in stores, but still features the same design.

Gintenco Fidget Best Hand Spinner-Fidget Work Ultra Fast Bearings Perfect Gift For ADHD,Anxiety Stress Relief Focus Toys,Stress Reducer (Dazzle color HD)

This stunning iridescent fidget spinner features three heart or clover shaped arms. It is an adorable addition to any collection and it spins nicely, revealing original patterns.

SAMSHAO Fidget Spinner Aeroship Design Sturdy Zinc Alloy Stainless Steel Bearing Balls EDC Hand Toy ADHD Focus

This intriguing fidget spinner has no arms at all, instead featuring a guitar-pick triangle shape. This makes it very safe and pocket-friendly, as it has no sharp edges and is very discrete. It is not suitable for children under the age of eight, despite how gentle it looks, though.

Aukwing Copper Fidget Spinner Toy, EDC Spinner with Hybrid Ceramic Bearing Enables 3-7 Minutes, Non-3D Printed, Stress Reducer

This copper fidget spinner’s design is sleek and novel, looking a bit like a propeller. It is attractive and different enough to stand out in a collection, and durable enough for everyday use.


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