Toysmith Robot Claw

Toysmith Robot Claw is a fun and functional toy that provides hours of imaginative fun.

The Robot Claw is a colorful, enjoyable and educational toy for children, especially those with special needs. Children with special needs, such as autistic children, often need not only incentive and motivation in activities of daily living, but assistance with their cognitive development as well, and the Robot Claw fits the bill.

The Robot Claw is easy and simple to use, your child just squeezes the handle, and the Robot Claws close, and latch onto an item up to 18 inches away. As the Robot Claws clamp down upon the object, an internal clicker makes a unique ‘robotic’ ratchet sound, signalling that the item has been clamped and is secure. As an aside, Robot Claws by Toysmith also has an extended version of their Robot Claw, which is 36 inches in length.

Children with special needs will find the Robot Claw not only fun, but useful in obtaining items that are out of their reach. Articles that fall to the floor, or slide under a bed, can now be reached by your child with little effort. The items are grabbed tightly and safely, as the tips of the Robot Claws are padded with a soft rubber, which aides in securing the object in a tight grip.

The Robot Claw is recommended for children ages 5 and up. The Robot Claws should not be used for children under three, as there are some small parts, such as screws, which could present a choking hazard.

However, some small children might not be strong enough to make the claw close completely, so may need some assistance. The Robot Claw is also extremely useful in promoting the development of your child’s motor skills, such as eye/hand coordination, as they reach and grab for light items.

So, not only can your children use their Robot Claw to create unique and entertaining ‘lets pretend’ games, but the Robot Claw can also be used to make cleaning up their room a little more fun. Children with special needs can now assist mom as she cleans up their bedroom. They use their Robot Claw to reach and grab light toys from floors and table tops, and place them inside their toy box. It needs to be stressed here, that only light items such as small stuffed animals and socks be grabbed, as the Robot Claw is only a toy, and not designed for hefty lifting, and may break.

Children are thrilled to get the Robot Claw as a gift. You kids will most likely spend hours and hours playing with their new Robot Claw, making up inventive and engaging games where he/she is a robot on a mysterious adventure.

The Robot Claw is easy for children with special needs to use, with no complex parts that need replacing with wear. However, it’s a toy and designed to be used in play as a ‘robot arm’, assisting your child in activities of daily living.

It’s not designed to handle heavy items required by adults, and may break when trying to grasp a hefty object. So it’s good to remember that while it may be tempting to use it to grab that hard to reach item on top or your cupboard, it’s best not to use the Robot Claw, as it’s only for play and grabbing light items.

In short, The Robot Claw is a fun, functional and educational toy at a reasonable price. It’s brightly colored design is guaranteed to stimulate your child’s imagination into hours of creative play, assist them in grabbing light items, and helping them to develop their motor skills.

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