VTech Bizzy the Mix and Move Bot

VTech Bizzy the Mix and Move Bot – Dancing and music play is a great way for little ones to learn and burn off energy

The VTech Bizzy the Mix and Move Bot is a children’s toy, for the ages of 2 to 5 years, that is changeable. Children are able to remove his hat, hands and even has detachable legs. He’s the modern day Mr. Potato Head. Many parents have reported that their children love this toy. They loved that their child was able to use their imagination and creativity. A child using the imagination and creativity is a very big part in the learning process. Educators put a very large emphasis on those two areas in this day in age.

A lot of parents wonder what a toy includes. Bizzy includes a chef, kitten and pirate hat. It also includes a baseball glove, magic want, camera and tambourine hands. The legs are detachable, but it’s not clear if there is a purpose to that beyond your child just using their imagination.

What all can Bizzy do? Bizzy has 10 accessories that combine in more than 90 ways that trigger lights and silly responses. When you put Bizzy’s legs on and press the gears he will start to do a little robot dance. When you combine different accessories he will also become a little robot symphony with his own interesting sound effects.

Bizzy is a very interactive toy. He will challenge children by asking them to attach certain things by asking them a question. Such as: “I want to play catch!” Which challenges the child to find the proper arm to put on Dizzy. Dizzy can respond in over 120 ways with music, responses to actions, fun facts, and questions.

Dizzy also lights up as children play with him which help children associate actions with re-actions. It may seem simple to adults. As adults we know that when we turn the car key, the car will turn on. Children learn this through this kind of activity.

A lot of parents have questions before they buy a toy. One big one for this toy is: What age group is this toy targeted towards? The answer to that is 2 years and up. Don’t let the maximum age recommendation deter you from purchasing this toy for an older child.

Some parents view it as letting their children play with “baby toys.” There are a lot of older kids out there that love to take things apart and use their imagination. It’s unclear if a lot of older kids have used and loved it yet, but in reality, you’re the parent and you know your child. If you think your child would be interested in this toy, ask them. They’ll tell you if they would like it or not.

This toy can do a lot of things for the price. This toy comes highly recommended and is definitely worth checking in to.

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