VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet Review

VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet Is An Epic Toy That Will Make Your Child Very Happy To Have Their Own personal Tablet


The VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet is a fun, touch based toy that’s ideal for toddlers and young children. The light up screen responds to swiping and tapping, just like a regular tablet, and your child will love using these actions to explore its many features.


Product Information


  • Recommended Ages =9 months to 3 years old
  • Product Dimensions =2 inches x 8.1 inches x 6 inches
  • Product Weight =1lb
  • Battery Requirements =3 AAA batteries


Product Features


  • Over 160 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases that your child can listen to
  • More than 10 pretend apps and activities that engage your child, and teach them letters, numbers, shapes and more
  • Light up screen that responds to swiping and tapping



Plus Points


1.Great Alternative To Real Tablets:If your little one has a fascination with your tablet and loves to grab, swipe or drool on it, the VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet is a fantastic substitute. It will keep them entertained, free up your real tablet and keep it safe. Your child will be just as happy playing with this toy tablet and you’ll be able to use your real tablet without any interruptions while they play.


2.Durable Design:Another great thing about the VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet is its solid, high quality build. Even with intense throwing, dropping and chewing, this toy will remain functional, so it’s perfect for younger children who like to play rough.


3.Low Price:The VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet costs less than $20, so it’s a great choice if you have a limited budget but still want to buy a toy that your child will love. With 160+ songs, melodies and sounds, it represents excellent value for money and is well worth the low price.


Things To Consider


1.Limited Learning Options:One thing to be aware of before you buy the VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet is that it is mainly geared towards fun and play, and has fewer learning options than other VTech toys. If learning is a main priority for you, you may want to skip this toy and go for something like the VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop which has more educational features.



Product Summary


The VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet is lots of fun, very affordable and one of the best solutions for keeping your little one occupied while you use your real tablet. The only minor issue is the lack of learning options. However, the entertainment and value for money this VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet provides more than make up for these small flaws and it comes highly recommended.



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