Wonderhood Grand Hotel Creative Building Set

Wonderhood Grand Hotel Creative Building Set

here is a direct link to the Wonderhood Grand Hotel Creative Building Set video


This toy is prefect for boys and girls who like to play with dolls. It is a STEM activity, so it actually helps them use their brain as well. Anytime you can get your child away from playing with electronics is a win in my book, and this creative building set does just that. Your child can set it up different each time, and the hotel never looks the same. They will spend hours building and rebuilding this hotel. The materials are high quality, and they don’t feel like they will bend or break at all. I have high hopes in this lasting quite some time, and I know my little girl will love playing with it comes Christmas morning. It seems a little pricey at $50.49 but you’re essentially buying a dollhouse so it isn’t too bad for being that.

Best Features

The colors on this hotel building toy set are very bright. They are easy to use, and completely unique. No two hotels will look the same, and your child can build it up tall, or wide, depending on how they use the connectors. Once they build the hotel, they get to play with it, so this toy keeps your child entertained for hours.

What’s Included

Includes 62 Rebuildable Pieces + Activity Journal with stories about Chelsea and Erik, building tips, and fun design challenges!
• 24 illustrated glossy plastic panels – 5” square, waterproof, scratch-resistant
• 30 easy-clip plastic connectors
• 1 durable plastic staircase
• 4 elevator parts
• 1 clock tower with crank
• 2 3D figurines of Chelsea and Erik
• 1 Activity Journal


This Wonderhood Grand Hotel Creative Building Set comes with everything your child will need to stay entertained for hours on end. The fun never stops when they can rebuild it over and over again. The figurines are fun to play with, but your child can also use other dolls to play in this hotel. It is the perfect dollhouse for those in tight spaces or those who move around a lot because it completely breaks apart into smaller pieces. That is a big pro for me since my family moves around a lot.


It seems a bit pricey at $50.49  but I am hoping it is well worth the price.

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Final Verdict

All in all, I think it was worth purchasing. I know my daughter is going to love playing with it, and dollhouses usually take up so much room. This dollhouse is nice because you can break it down without it hurting the pieces, and your child will have fun playing with it. I love that it helps build their minds. I would definitely purchase this again.

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