Barbie Collector 2015 Holiday Caucasian Doll

Barbie Collector 2015 Holiday Caucasian Doll

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My little girl is obsessed with Barbie dolls, and she likes to collect every Barbie on the face of the planet. I finally found one she doesn’t have, and this Barbie is downright adorable. She is regal in her long dress and earrings, and it will make the perfect Christmas gift. This doll looks like she was made for Christmas with her ruby red dress. I know my daughter will absolutely love it. If you have a Barbie fan in your household and you missed out on purchasing the 2015 edition Barbie, this is your chance to get it. She is completely unique, and you won’t find her in stores. Your child will love being the only one of her friends to have this doll.


Best Features

As always, Barbie is made from high quality materials. Barbie is a brand that can be trusted, and I know this doll will not be breaking anytime soon. The hair is brushed smooth and sprayed, so nothing will bring it out of place. The dress has great stitching, and it is made to uphold. The earrings are stuck in the ears well, so you don’t need to worry about them coming out without you pulling them.

What’s Included

This Barbie Collector 2015 Holiday Caucasian Doll edition comes with the blonde Barbie, the ruby dress, and the long earrings. The dress is adorned with white lace at the bottom, and the packaging is ready to be gifted.


This doll is completely unique. Since it was limited to 2015, no one else will have it. The doll is limited edition, and your child will be one of the only ones who has such a pretty doll. Her hair is coiffed, and the dress is one of the prettiest Barbie dresses I have ever seen. She is tall and skinny, and her earrings are beautiful. She looks like she is ready for Christmas time in her dress, so she is ready to be given for the holiday.



The only thing I wish it didn’t have is the year 2015 on it. That seems a little tacky since it is no longer 2015, and I don’t want my daughter thinking she got an old toy.


Final Verdict

This Barbie is a bit expensive at $20,49, but I believe she is worth it. She is a premium Barbie due to her ornate earrings and very fancy dress. Your child will love having such a fancy Barbie doll, and this beauty is sure to please any Barbie lover this Christmas.