Barbie Collector Holiday Doll

Barbie Collector Holiday Doll

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2013 may seem like a lifetime ago, but this special edition 2013 barbie doll is just as beautiful today as it was back in 2013. IT can be very difficult to find these special edition yearly Barbie dolls, so the fact that amazon has this is a huge plus. This doll is beautiful, and any Barbie fan is going to love receiving this for Christmas. Her dress screams winter wonderland, and she is perfectly made to be given as a Christmas gift. If you collect barbies, you cannot miss out on this one. If your daughter loves barbies, this will be a unique gift that not a lot of others will be receiving. It is worth the money of $76 because she is special edition.


Best Features

This Barbie has everything you could possibly want in a limited edition doll. Her hair is beautifully curled, and falls loosely onto her shoulders. She is wearing a regal white dress that is adorned with snowflakes. Her arms and hands are posed perfectly, and her nails are painted a deep ruby red. She looks like she came straight out of Santa’s workshop. She is a full sized Barbie, and there isn’t anything different about her size. She is definitely deluxe, but will fit in with a normal sized Barbie collection.

What’s Included

When you purchase this limited edition collector doll, you get a blonde Barbie doll. She comes with a snowflake winter dress, and adorned earrings. The doll comes in holiday packaging which is perfect to gift.



Despite this doll being made in 2013, it is a great collection item. Barbie doesn’t ever go out of style, and she proves this with her timeless wardrobe. She is ready to be given to any child who loves Barbie. Your child will play with her for hours, and she will love how pretty she is.



The only downside is it says 2013 on the packaging. While this doesn’t affect the doll, some people who want to play with her may be discouraged by an “old” gift.


Final Verdict

I would not hesitate to purchase this doll again. She is absolutely beautiful, and her dress and makeup are both stunning. She is one of the most regal barbies I have yet to seen, and she is the perfect addition to any collector. Little girls will also love playing with her, but she may be a bit expensive for that.

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