Barbie in Rock ‘N Royals Singing Erika Review

Barbie In Rock ‘n Royals Singing A Princess And A Rock Star. Erika’s Princess Gown Magically Transforms Into A Rock Star Outfit

Barbie Rock ‘N Royals happen when two worlds collide – a princess and a rock star. Erika’s princess gown magically transforms into a rock star outfit complete with animal print skirt and rock star boots. Girls will learn that anything is possible when they work together celebrating music. Erika transforms from pop star to princess by pushing her arms or her guitar.

Plus points:

This is pretty much two dolls in one with two different looks. She transforms from a princess to a rock star. There are many different play options for this versatile doll. Princess now and Rock Star later? You decide! Even with only one outfit, there are still two completely different looks as a pop star and princess.

Fun for many ages! Younger girls (or boys) and slightly older children will enjoy this fun Erika doll. The princess may appeal more to the little girl and the rock star version for a slightly older child.

This doll can be played with alone, or you can add more dolls for even more fun. There are many dolls in the Rock ‘N Royals collection. There are male and female dolls in the collection, which can appeal to boys and girls.

The doll sings along to musical clips during her transformations. She sings one song while misinforming to a rock star and another transforming back to a princess.

This is a stylish and modern doll. Fashionistas will appreciate her cool clothes, boots, and her beautiful blue hair. The leopard print and glitter on her rock star outfit are lots of fun! She wears fun and modern makeup. The metallic guitar is very cool, and the headset adds more of a rock star element.

Things to consider:

There are some small pieces, so keep out of reach of younger children. This doll is not recommended for children under the age of three. I think this doll would appeal to most to those four to ten years old.

Price, this isn’t one of the cheaper barbie dolls available. There are other Barbie’s that are less than half of the cost of this doll. Even some of the other dolls in the collection are less expensive.

Doll can not stand alone. You will need to hold this doll or prop it against something to play with. It would have been nice to see a stand to set up for a play rock concert.

Product Summary:

Overall this is a very fun, versatile and imaginative Barbie Doll. Children of all ages will have fun with this doll and the rest of the Rock ‘N Royals collection. Your child won’t get bored with the two different looks of this doll. Little girls who love fashion will love the attention to detail in Erika’s outfit. Singing along to the musical clips are a creative and clever touch. Overall I believe that it is worth the price and will appeal to many different children.

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