Ever After High Duchess Swan Doll Review

Ever After High Duchess Swan Doll is one of the newest members of Ever After High

The Ever After High Duchess Swan Doll is one of the newest members of Ever After High.  This is a doll that has been around for a long time and one that is going to be a very creative choice for you.  Duchess Swan is the daughter of the Swan Queen and she is a member of the Royals.  This means that she is happy living out her destiny as it has been written in the storybooks.  She definitely falls in line with her mother’s footsteps as she has two very unique and different sides to her personality.

Product Features:

  • Duchess Swan is a princess that is going to fall in line with her destiny, with her two personalities that seem to be present.
  • Known for her love of dancing, your daughter will love dancing around with her.
  • Toy that is going to allow your child to explore all of who they are.
  • Encourages your child to be open to the person that they are meant to be, even if there are things that they might not like about themselves.
  • Helps to teach hard lessons to your child.
  • Toy Size = 8” x 2.5” x 12.8”
  • Toy Weight = 10.4 ounces

Plus Points:


1.Helps Children Explore Their Whole Self:One of the things that is so exciting with this doll is that it helps you to explore your whole self.  This doll is representative of Duchess Swan who is an Ever After High character that has two distinct and unique personalities.  This doll is one that is going to help your child learn how they can explore both of the unique sides of their own personality.  They can explore how sometimes they might feel one way while feeling a completely different way other times.

2.Encourages Your Child to Embrace Who They Are:As one of the Royals who is happy to follow out their story and live the way that the story tells them to, Duchess Swan is a perfect character that is going to help your child embrace who they are. This is going to be done with Duchess Swan being able to embrace who she is even though she is and who she is meant to be. Your child will feel encouraged to be the person that they feel that they were destined to be.

3.Cute Fun Accessories:Duchess Swan has a number of cute accessories that are going to leave your little one excited to play with her for hours.  This doll has a statement necklace, swan feather inspired hair piece, a beautiful purse, and shoes that feature classic ballet shoe details.  Your little one will fall in love with the unique and simple elegance of this doll which truly feels like the ballerina that she inspires to be.

4.Beautifully Designed Clothing:The dress that Duchess Swan is wearing is truly inspiring and has obviously gained its inspiration from the ballet.  This dress is simple and elegant while having beautiful details that your little one is sure to love.  She is also wearing trendy sheer black tights that are right in line with the current styles that you would find in the stores if you were out shopping today.

Things To Consider:

1.Possible Conflicting Body Images: While Duchess Swan is supposed to be teaching your child to love who they have been born to be, the doll might also give your child conflicting body images.  In fact, the reason for this is that it has proportions that are not typical for young girls.  It could cause them to feel inferior with the way that their own body looks.  The doll has a very mature figure and has proportions that are not realistic for the vast majority of the population.

2.Dolls Are Not Made for Rough Play:Parents typically assume that a toy that is made with the label of being for a three year old is going to hold up to having a three year old play with it.  With Duchess Swan this is not the case.  In fact these dolls are not made for rough play and could in turn end up falling apart on your child while they are playing with it.  So make sure that you have realistic expectations for how this doll will be played with by your child.

Product Summary:

The Ever After High Duchess Swan Doll is one of the newest dolls to be created in this exciting line of toys.  As one of the newest characters your child might not be familiar with just what Duchess Swan is all about.  That being said, this is really one of those dolls that is going to offer your child more.  It is a doll that is fun and is going to be a great way for your little one to learn about accepting who they are with.

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