Bravokids Doodle Board

When it comes to gift giving, you want a gift that kids will love and play with all year long. A fun gift that delights kids is the Bravokids Doodle Board. This is a pink writing tablet that’s designed with a 10-inch screen.

This screen is made with the safety of your child’s eyes in mind. That’s why it was created without glare, which can cause dry eyes. But it’s also radiation free. Thanks to the color screen technology, your child can use the tablet in comfort.

This screen works using pressure sensitivity. This allows the child to make designs, to write letters or numbers or draw any kind of artwork that they like. They can use the stylus for their artwork or they can write on the tablet using anything that mimics a stylus as long as it’s hard.

Because the doodle board is reusable, it saves money. You won’t have to buy endless packs of construction paper or typing paper to give your child something to be able to draw on.

That means you end up helping to keep the planet greener, too because this product is paperless. It’s a good toy for a child to play with in any room of the house because there’s no clutter and no mess with this one.

The tablet does have a battery with a pretty good life span. It can be used for about half a year depending on how often your child uses it. But when the battery does start dying, you can easily install a new one.

If you want to use the tablet to help your child learn things such as how to spell out words, the tablet has the ability to produce lines like you would see on paper. You can create the lines to be thin or wide.

When your child decides she’s done drawing or writing, starting over again is simple. All the child has to do to get a clean slate is just press the tablet’s erase button. If your child has drawn or written something that you want to save and show to someone else, the lock button on the tablet will prevent that from being erased.

This tablet is lightweight so it’s easy to take along for an outing or on a road trip. The tablet is made with softly rounded corners so there are no sharp edges to cut little fingers.

Plus, the toy has an anti-shock feature, so even if they drop it, it’ll still work. The tablet can be used for fun experiences, but you can also use it as an educational toy and help your child learn her ABCs or how to count numbers.

You can also teach her how to doodle objects and even use it for simple math problems or graphics used to teach kids. The toy is suitable for kids aged 3 to 8 years.

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