Construction Transform Robot Kids Toy Cars

Christmas is right around the corner. This holiday season, it’s time to get the toys that kids not only love to play with, but can also help them learn. Toys like the Transform Robot ones are STEM toys.

This means the toy can help kids learn about science, technology, engineering and math all while having fun. STEM toys help children to develop better motor skills as well as boost cognitive learning.

There’s a reason why this toy is so popular. Kids of all ages love to play with robots. These toys have fascinated kids from toddlers on up and what better way to give the gift of hours of fun this Christmas than with a robot that transforms into other toys.

There are so many things that kids can do with this construction robot toy. They can use the toy in the robot mode, or have playtime that centers on using the vehicles. Each time a child plays with the robot, they can learn something new.

As they put the pieces together, they’ll learn how to solve problems. The toy is one that uses magnets to enable kids to easily take apart as well as put the toy back together into the action figure.

Using magnets is a good way for kids to build things by just allowing the pieces to snap together. No more struggling to fit pieces into slots, which can sometimes be hard for smaller kids.

This is a toy that’s a 5 in 1 item. The robot can transform into five separate vehicles. These are a truck, a crane, a bulldozer, an excavator and a mixer. Putting the toys together as the transformer robot and then taking them apart can challenge a child’s building skills.

The truck also comes apart, so kids have the opportunity to create a variety of building and play modes. They can also pull back on the toys and the vehicles will speed away in the direction they’re facing.

Because there are so many toys in one, this gift makes a great one for a child to be able to share in play with a friend. Is also has sound effects as well as light, but you will need to buy batteries since these aren’t included.

The toy is tough and designed with ABS plastic, which is safe for children and there are no sharp edges for kids to get cut on. If the toy gets dirty, you can easily wash it clean.

This holiday season, give the gift that will let your child’s imagination take him to a place of fun and adventure. It’s recommended that the toy is suitable for children who are 3 years old and above.