Fisher Price Smart Fit Park

Fisher Price Fun 2 Learn Smart Fit Park Plug N Play Activity Mat

Getting your kids to learn something new can be a challenge. Whether you are working with them on your own or want to offer some added practice to common learning techniques from school, it is hard to get them to sit still and learn like they should.

Most children want to be up and moving as much as possible and sitting down to more homework after being in school all day can seem like torture. Luckily, with the Fisher Price Fun 2 Learn Smart Fit Pack, you will be able to let them move around more without worrying about them missing out on learning.


The Smart Fit Park from Fisher price will allow your children to exercise as well as learn through different games. They will have the opportunity to advance through different levels and challenges with this interactive game, all while being up and moving. Your children will feel like they are playing a game and not worry about all the different things they are learning in the process and you will be happy with the extra education as well as movement that your child receives.

There are many great features that come with this gaming pack including:

Kids are able to exercise as well as learn through different levels and even timed challenges. It hooks up easily to your television and your child will feel like they are playing games when in fact they are learning.


There are so many different things that your child will learn along the way. They can learn shapes, spelling, addition and subtraction, counting, numbers, and even letter identification.


Your child will be able to perform a lot of different activities on this program including running, walking, jumping, skipping, and hopping to get through the different activities and learn along the way.

One issue that some customers had with this product was getting the mat to stay down. If you have carpet in the area where your television is located, you may run into the issue of the mat moving around a lot and then you will need to go in and move it again to keep it centered and organized for continued game play.


This does not seem to be an issue in areas that have laminate or harder flooring so keep it in mind when picking out this game. You may be able to move the mat into a different room if this is an option or find another way to keep it still, otherwise, you may just need to deal with the mat moving often.

This is the perfect game to help your child learn a lot of the basics that they need for school, either to get them ahead or when working to get them caught up, and can also be a great way to get them some much needed exercise when you’re dealing with cold winter days when they are stuck inside. It is interactive, a lot of fun, and allows them to get up and move without all the hassle.

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