Playmobil Is Various Themed Worlds Allow Children To Play With Imagination To Run Wild With

For over 40 years Playmobil has offered a variety of toy sets and action figures allowing kids’ imaginations to run wild. Their toys are best recommended for children from 1 to 12 years of age. Playmobil toys can be found at many nation-wide retailers including Wal-mart, Toys-R-Us, Kohls, Target, and Amazon. Toys can also be purchased through the Playmobil website with the figures starting at $3.00 each all the way up to sizeable castles for $200.00.

Playmobil offers over 30 themes; just a few of them being: City Action, Top Agents, Sports & Action, Summer Fun, Western, Super 4, Playmo-Friends, Playmobil 1-2-3, Wild Life, Fairies, Dollhouse, Dragons, Secret Play Boxes, Christmas, and more. Each theme offers different choices in vehicles, buildings, animals, sceneries, electronics, figures, etc. The most popular themes in demand right now are the Knights, City Life, Pirates, Princess, Country and NHL themes.



The Knights theme is based on a war between the Lion Knights and Falcon Knights, fighting over treasure. Products range from knights, horses and weapons to mighty castles. The City Life theme is based on different businesses, attractions, family outtings and homes you would find in a city. This theme has products including: zoos, hospitals, houses, playgrounds, swimming pools, parks, classrooms, shops, figures, animals, vehicles, and many add-ons and extensions.


The Pirates theme follows the story of a young man named Peter who joins with pirates Big Jack Silver and Lucy to seek out the treasure of Captain Black. Products include figures, pirate ships, treasure and more. The Princess theme is perfect for children who love princesses and princes, fairies, unicorns and pegasi, beautiful castles and horse-drawn carriages.


The Country theme takes a peek at the farm, ranch and mountain life. It offers products including farms, stables, pens, gardens, equipment, animals and figures. The NHL Theme, a part of the Sports & Action Theme, features figure versions of National Hockey League players from all different teams. Figures can battle it out on a simple frozen pond or in a big arena complete with scoreboard, referees and a trophy.

Playmobil also offers a highly interactive website with short movies, games and other fun activities for children and their parents. If parents are looking for a chance to get children out of the house, Playmobil has FunParks in: Greece, Malta, France, Germany and in the USA at Palm Beach Gardens. FunParks focus on movement and activity and encourage curiosity in both children and parents alike.

All of the toys offered by Playmobil give children the chance to create their own adventures and with those adventures, memories to last a lifetime.

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