Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Elsa’s Magical Castle

Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Elsa's Magical Castle

Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Elsa’s Magical Castle Inspired By The Movie Frozen Is Very Popular, Definitely An Epic Gift If Your Child Enjoyed The Movie

The magic of Disney’s hit and instant-classic, Frozen, can now be experienced by any child, as inspired by the film. A major turning point in the story line of Frozen is when Elsa leaves the castle and her sister, Anna, to seclude herself from causing any harm to others by way of her uncontrollable powers. A beautiful castle, made of snow and ice, rises from a snowy mountain top, where Elsa plans to reside, alone. This toy lets your child play with their own miniature Elsa in her enchanting castle of blue, glittering ice, just as seen in the movie.

The product includes: 2.5 inch Elsa and Olaf, a change of dress for Elsa, detailed furniture to decorate the castle with, dainty accessories to adorn the princess’ clothes, as well as a cuff for the player to wear.

The magical piece of plastic jewelry activates the castle by causing it to rise and unfold its height. When worn and waved in front of the castle, which collapses into a tote-sized, beautiful container, the structure reveals itself, like magic. With the help of a child’s imagination, the Elsa doll and her friend Olaf can play and live in their magical castle, running up and down two grand staircases, or playing dress up with Elsa’s hot pink vanity set.

Hasbro’s Little Kingdom toy series offers other products, for additional purchase, to further the fun and excitement of Elsa’s Magical Castle. Elsa’s sister, Anna, and pet reindeer, Sven are available, as well as an ornate, red sleigh – each and every toy to the scale of the castle, making them seamless additions to your child’s collection.

The castle has multiple tiers, allowing for the creative freedom to designate bedrooms and different functions for each floor at the expense of the child’s imagination. A giant snowflake lights up ice-blue and produces magical noises when pressed, adding more appeal and personality to the toy.

Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Elsa's Magical Castle

If given as a gift, this toy can keep giving, with the additional purchase of more accessories and dresses for Elsa and her enchanting home. Recommended use is for children 4 years or older due to both the minor technicality of operating the rising castle as well as the small toy parts which could be a choking hazard for some.

This is a great initial purchase for any youngster who is an avid fan of Disney princesses or the characters and story of the film, Frozen, but as the castle only comes with two dolls (Elsa and Olaf) you may be needing to buy additional figurines to keep your child’s interests peaked, making way for hours of entertainment.

Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Elsa’s Magical Castle And Other Dollhouses/Accessories

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