Learning Resources Pretend And Play School Set

Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set

Learning Resources Pretend And Play School Set Encourages Your Child To Teach, Take Turns Perfect For Preparing Them For School

I purchased the Learning Resources Pretend & Play School set for my youngest daughter, who is starting kindergarten this fall. I absolutely cannot speak more highly of this product – it has been an huge success in our household.

Although the Pretend & Play is advertised for younger children (4-5 years old), I think it is also extremely beneficial for children even a few years older – at least from my personal experience with the product.

My eldest daughter, who loves school and enjoys telling her younger sister (and anyone else who will listen!) all about what she has been learning at school, has really enjoyed playing with the Pretend & Play School set with her sister as well – they’ve been switching turns acting as little teachers! This makes me an incredibly happy and proud parent on several levels, and with the addition of this toy to our household, my youngest daughter is now getting to tell her older sister all about the new things that she’s learning as well – and she is having so much fun while she is doing it, which is an incredible added bonus.

Of course, I have been teaching my daughter as much as I can as well to help her learn and grow, but it is so wonderful for her to have such a marvelous toy through which she can facilitate her own learning. It is such a privilege to hear my daughters talking between themselves about different subjects – numbers, the alphabet, colours, days of the week – and watching my youngest practice what she knows on the dry erase board.

My oldest helps her, telling her about how she uses particular parts of the toy during her actual school days. I know that her practice with the Learning Resources Pretend and Play School set is giving my daughter more confidence for her first day, and also even more excited to finally start school!

Learning Resources Pretend & Play School SetAs a mother, it is extremely encouraging to know that my daughter is prepared to start school as well. I definitely recommend this to any parent with young children. Although the set says 4-5 year olds, my 7 year old has really loved this set as well, as it includes items like hall passes and grade books that she uses at school, and she loves playing teacher.

I can’t decide whether I have more fun simply watching my daughters play with this toy or joining in myself! The girls and I have had so much fun with this toy. I really could go on for ages about how much we have enjoyed this addition to our toy collection. The Learning Resources Pretend and Play School Set has made me one proud mama, and has provided countless hours so far of combined play and learning time for my daughters.

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