Disney Pixar Cars Hopper Ball Review

The laughter in kids voices and the happiness on their faces as they hop around on this toy is worth quadruple the price that I paid for this toy!


My niece and nephew, aged three and four, absolutely love the Disney Pixar Cars Hopper Balls that I got them for Christmas! I am pretty sure that it has solidified my claim to be their favourite aunt. The laughter in their voices and the happiness on their faces as they hop around on this toy is worth quadruple the price that I paid for this toy – I am so happy that they have received so much joy from this toy!

It’s been an especially successful purchase as my nephew was recently diagnosed with ADD – not that this was much surprise to any of us, as it seemed that absolutely nothing can hold his attention for more than a few minutes. He is usually bouncing off the walls anyway, and the Disney Pixar Cars Hopper Ball has been such a positive way for him to channel all of that energy that he has, and it actually manages to keep him entertained for hours at a time.

Additionally, my niece and nephew have actually been playing with these together with minimal amounts of squabbles, which is extremely rare for the two of them. They are such polar opposites that my sister had almost given up on encouraging them to play nicely together, because what entertained the one of them somehow managed to bore the other to tears and rage.

However, with these Hopper Balls, the two of them have races in the basement, backyard, driveway – really anywhere that they can find an excuse to use these, and the sounds that we hear are of laughter rather than screaming at each other. My sister also likes that it keeps them physically active rather than glued to video games or the television, which is the problem that she is encountering with her daughter. My niece prefers to stay indoors and watch television to going outside and getting any sort of physical activity, a habit which we are naturally concerned about as she grows older.

Physical activity and education are just as important as mental and educational development for a child. I was actually quite concerned that she would not use her Hopper Ball at all, but I didn’t want to buy her another movie, and I was hoping that this might be something that they could do together – and I was right! For some reason, my niece has had just as much fun with the Cars Hopper Balls as her older brother has, something that has of course made everyone in the family extremely happy! My only problem now is how I intend to top the Disney Pixar Cars Hopper Ball next Christmas – I really don’t know if I will ever luck out and find something that they love this much again!

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