Ever After High Darling Charming Doll Review

Ever After High Darling Charming Doll Review

Ever After High Darling Charming Doll Is The Daughter Of King Charming, A Fun Princess Who Instead Of Being Saved, Saves Others!


If you follow the story of Ever After High then you know that Darling Charming is the daughter of King Charming.  This princess has a bit different goal than what you would expect from your typical princess.  She is not waiting around for a knight in shining armor to save her, instead she wants to be the knight in shining armor to save others.  The Ever After High Darling Charming doll really allows your daughter to explore this side of her.  She can stand up to others and be the person who saves the day.


Product Features:

  • Toy features very stylish clothing and accessories that your child will love playing with.
  • Toy helps your child look for her inner hero so that she can be out there saving the day and rescuing others instead of waiting to be rescued.
  • Encourages your child to be the hero!
  • Helps your child get creative in reenacting their favorite scenes from the TV show, stories from the books, or even their own new stories as to what is going to happen to Darling Charmping.
  • Brings out the creativity in every child.
  • Toy Size = 8” x 2.5” x 12.8”
  • Toy Weight = 10.9 ounces


Ever After High Darling Charming Doll Review


Plus Points:

1. Teaches Your Daughter to Save Herself:One of the most discouraging things about most fairy tales for parents is that it teaches your daughter that princesses need to be saved. It is never the princess who is doing the saving…that is until now. Darling Charming is a princess who is not sitting around hoping to be rescued by a knight in shining armor.  Instead she is there to fight her own battles and to be her own knight who is able to rescue and save others.  When your daughter is playing with this adorable character she is going to be encouraged to reach out and save herself rather than just waiting around for someone else to save her.

2. Strong Female Roles:The Ever After High series features strong female roles. This is a great encouragement to parents who are trying to teach their darling daughters that they can do or be anything that they want. It helps them to be proud of who they are, even if they are not the typical cookie cutter style princess.  It also reminds them that they can still be a princess no matter what their interests/goals are.


3. Exploration Through Imagination and Reading:When playing with the Ever After High Darling Charming Doll your child is going to be encouraged to use their imagination.  Plus, it is going to encourage them to read the coordinating books so that they can go on more adventures with their favorite princesses.


4. Plenty of Accessories and Stylish Clothing:There is a good chance that your daughter is also going to love that this doll features adorable clothing like what is seen in the TV shows and accessories.  Darling Charming comes dressed in a cute sparkling dress with the luxurious metallic accents that so many girls love.  She also has silver shoes, a silver cuff bracelet with ring, headband, doll brush, stand, bookmark, and an adorable purse that looks like armor.


Ever After High Darling Charming Doll Review


Things To Consider:


1.Encourages Too Much Independence: Sometimes our children deal with real world problems where they need to get an adult involved.  If they believe that their favorite characters would not need an adult then they might not be as willing to get an adult involved.  So instead of getting an adult when it is necessary they might be encouraged to take care of some tough things on their own.  While independence can be a great thing, you should remember that too much independence might not be as favorable in some situations.  So be sure to talk to your child about the times when they should seek out help from an adult.


2.Dolls Are a Bit Fragile:For a doll that is sold as being age appropriate for those children who are aged 3 and older, this doll is a bit fragile.  You will want to be aware of this because if your child is the type of child who is rough with her toys then it is probably not going to be the best choice as there are parts of the doll that could easily fall apart (like her hands and feet!).


Ever After High Darling Charming Doll Review


Product Summary:


The Ever After High Darling Charming Doll is the perfect doll to encourage your child to do some things on their own.  They will be more apt to look for ways to solve their own problems instead of expecting someone else to solve them for them.  The doll is also perfect for those little girls who might still want to be a princess but might not feel like they fit into the standard princess mold.  All in all this is a great choice for a child who is looking for something more.


Ever After High Darling Charming Doll Review


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