Fisher-Price Laugh And Learn Smart Stages Chair Review

Fisher-Price Laugh And Learn Smart Stages Chair Can Say Or Sing More Than 50 Phrases To Keep Your Kids Entertained!


The Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair is the chair that is going to help your child learn and going to be a great place for them to sit and relax.  This toy is one that really offers you more.  It is a chair for your child to sit in.  It has a number of songs and phrases that are sang or said when your child stands up or sits down on the chair.  This chair actually has the ability to say or sing more than 50 different phrases.  It features the Smart Stages technology that allows the chair to grow with your child on its own.  You can also manually set the chair to different stages based on your child’s personal levels/needs.


Product Features:


  • Toy helps your child to learn fun and interactive songs and phrases.
  • Chair offers a comfortable place to sit so that your child will have a place to relax.
  • Your child engages with the chair standing up and sitting down in order to get the chair to play music or say a phrase.
  • Toy also helps your child to learn more than just their first words and songs, like numbers, shapes, and colors.
  • More than just a place for your child to sit, it is going to be a great tool for them to learn as well.
  • Toy Size = 36”x8”x16”
  • Toy Weight = 5.6 lbs


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair

Plus Points:


1.Learning Changes As Your Child Gets Older:One of the most exciting things about the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair is that it helps your child learn at their own pace. It also grows with your child and changes learning so that your child learns what they need to know. There are three exciting levels where your child can learn.  Plus the chair offers your child a comfortable place to sit and relax.


2.Explore with Stage 1:The first stage of learning with the Laugh & Learn Smart Chair offers your child a chance to explore.  This stage is most appropriate for early learners and lasts until around age one.  During this stage your child is going to have their interest engaged with simple activations.  Your child can sit and stand to hear simple words like “up” and “down.”  In addition, your child can press the buttons to hear songs and longer phrases.


3.Encourage with Stage 2: During this second stage of learning, your child is going to be encouraged to enjoy more.  They are going to enjoy this stage from around eighteen months on.  This level will help your child to learn things like opposites, a basic introduction of numbers, and action commands.  This level is really going to help them expand their knowledge and their learning.  Plus your child can flip through the attached book and learn new information.


4.Pretend with Level 3:Once their child turns two, they are going to enjoy pretending and learning through pretend play.  Your child is really going to enjoy all of the interactive and pretend playing that they can have with this chair.  They are able to play peek-a-boo and explore different channels.  Your child is also going to enjoy imaginative play and being able to do things like hop like a frog.


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair

Things To Consider:


1.Assembly Might Take a While:Sometimes the toy assembly process can be a challenge.  This chair has quite a bit of assembly that can be quite the pain for the parent putting it together.  Plus, the battery is in an inconvenient place.  This chair has two different pieces that have to be removed with a screwdriver to change the batteries.  This is quite the challenge for you.


2.An Exploration for Adults:The instructions that come with this chair are really basic.  This means that the adults are probably going to have to explore the chair just as much as the kids to see how it works.  This can be quite the pain for adults who would rather just read how something works.


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair

Product Summary:


The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair is going to allow your child to learn for a long time.  It is one of those toys that your child will not quickly throw aside but instead it is one that is going to be used for two years or more.  Your child is going to learn that the chair senses when they are ready to learn and that it will actually grow with them.  If you do not feel like it is at the right level, then you can change the chair to meet your child’s own level.  You will love that your child enjoys this chair and that they can learn so much from it.


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair

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