Ever After High Ginger Breadhouse Doll Review

Ever After High Ginger Breadhouse Doll Is The Perfect Toy For Any Doll Lover Out There!


Ever After High’s Ginger Breadhouse is here for your child to enjoy with this exciting doll.  She is the daughter of the Candy Witch from Hansel and Gretel. She is one of the Rebels as she would like to be able to rewrite her own story. She does not want to follow in the footsteps of her wicked mother. She is happiest being a baker and making dessert for all of her friends.  Don’t worry she won’t want to eat you for dessert.  Although she does have some accessories that might appear to be a bit spooky.


Product Features:

  • Cute clothing and adorable accessories that might look spooky if you know her mother, but are nothing but fun with Ginger Breadhouse.
  • Helps children learn that while their parents might make some mistakes, they do not have to follow in those same footsteps because they can rewrite their lives.
  • Allows your child to play with a doll that is going to be encouraging good.
  • Helps your child to be able to imagine the fun of baking that they are going to enjoy.
  • Allows you to bake and enjoy time creating delicious goodies with your child.
  • Toy Size = 8” x 2.5” x 12.8”
  • Toy Weight = 10.9 ounces


Plus Points:


1.Unique Fun Baking Themed Doll:So many little girls love to bake.  One of the greatest things about the Ever After Ginger Breadhouse Doll is that it allows you to encourage your daughter to bake.  This doll is one of those dolls that is going to help your child learn to enjoy something that you can do together.  Ginger Breadhouse loves to bake treats for all of her friends and family and it can bring you closer to your child as you bake together.


2.Helps Your Child Believe in Themselves:One of the best things about Ginger Breadhouse is that she believes in her own good. Even though her mother was known for her wickedness and for eating those who would visit her home, Ginger Breadhouse wants to be known for her baking instead. Ginger believes in her own good, which can encourage your child to be able to believe in themselves as well.  This is something that is a lifelong value that is going to stick with your child.


3.Helps Your Child Add More to the Stories That They Read:After your child reads the Ever After High stories, she is going to be able to play with the doll.  This can allow her to take the story further or to fully explore the ideas that are present in the story.  It really gives your child more ways to play and have fun.  This is one of those unique things that is going to allow your child more fun with their reading and their imaginative play.


4.Exciting Themed Accessories:Ginger Breadhouse is dressed in a sprinkle print dress in bright candy colors that are perfect for a “baker.”  You can definitely get a sense of her mother’s legacy when you see her unique accessories.  The accessories that are here included frosting decorated shoes, cupcake decorated headband, cauldron shaped handbag, pink candy eyeglasses, and candy coated jewelry keep in line with the baking theme.



Things To Consider:


1.Good Vs Evil: Some parents are not comfortable with teaching their children about the difference between good vs evil.  With a mom that eats people, it is definitely a theme that is present with Ginger Breadhouse.  While she is committed to doing good with her baking, she is definitely not the type of child that is far from the evil.  So if you are a more conservative parent then this theme might not be one that you love.


2.Doll “Might” Fall Apart:The Ever After High Ginger Breadhouse doll is one of those dolls that has been made with pieces that might fall apart.  This is definitely something that you should consider because it is a doll that could end up in pieces.  This doll is one of those dolls that could possibly fall apart and might not be a doll for children who are rough with their toys.



Product Summary:


The Ever After Ginger Breadhouse Doll is one of those dolls that is going to be a favorite of your child’s.  This doll is going to be something that your child is going to love.  Ginger Breadhouse is a doll that is going to encourage your child to fall in love with the art of baking.  It will also teach your child that there is a lot of goodness within them.  This is one of those things that your child is going to enjoy, because they are able to learn new things about a favorite storybook character that is trying to be the best for them.



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