Fisher Price Laugh And Learn Puppy and Friends Learning Table Review

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy and Friends Learning Table Is An Interactive Educational Table That Will Keep Your Kids Entertained!


The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy and Friends Learning Table offers four fun learning activity corners.  This allows your little one to practice walking around the table while holding on so that they can get to each of these exciting points.  There are a number of fun working areas one of these is actually a laptop that is going to be a lot of fun for your little one to pretend that they are working with monkey and puppy.  In addition, your child can listen to puppy read to them from a book, play piano with monkey, and interact with sis and puppy on the phone.



Product Features:

  • Toy table is actually bi-lingual so your child can learn in two different languages at once.
  • Four different corners offer four unique play stations to have fun.
  • Toy allows your child to play while hearing over sixty phrases, songs, and tunes.
  • If your child is not standing up yet, they can play with this table on the ground as you can take the legs off.
  • Toy offers many exciting features that are going to keep your child busy for a long time.
  • Toy Size = 5”x21”x15.8”
  • Toy Weight = 6 lbs


Plus Points:

1.Toy Offers Many Ways to Play:This toy table offers your child so much more than what you expect. There are two ways to put it together. You can set the piece on the floor or you can add the legs and make it a table.  Doing this will allow for you to let your child play at different age levels.  In addition, there are four corners where your child can play.  One of the corners offers your child a laptop where they can pretend to work.  There is a phone where your child can pretend to talk on the phone.  Then there is a piano where they can play music and finally a book where they can listen to exciting stories.


2.Encourages Your Child to Stand:Infants who are ready to stand will find encouragement with the fun corners on this table. This means that if you want to encourage your little one to learn how to stand for the first time that this is one of the best toys that you can find to do that.


3.Helps Improve Gross Motor Skills:Your child is also going to get to work on their gross motor skills.  They will want to walk around the table because of all of the fun that they can have as they move around.  As a parent, watching your child learn to walk is an exciting time and this toy can really help.


4.Bilingual Learning:Another thing that is great about this toy is that it allows your child to learn things in two different languages.  Your child is going to learn their colors, shapes, and numbers in both Spanish and English.



Things To Consider:


1.Table Might Flip Over: If your little one is not standing/walking on their own yet then they might find that the table can easily flip over.  When the table flips over on top of your little one it can be dangerous.  It is kind of heavy so your child could end up getting hurt when they fall over and have this table land on top of them.


2.No Volume Adjustments:There is no volume button on this toy.  This means that you cannot adjust the volume based on personal preferences.  For some the volume of this one might seem a little on the loud side which could be bothersome to some children.



Product Summary:


The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy and Friends Learning Table is a great place for your child to develop and grow.  There are so many fun activities that it might even be hard for them to focus on just one because they might have a desire to play with them all.  Finding the perfect fun with your little one is going to be a whole lot easier with this table that has so much to offer them.



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